Walkings talking during Music Fest

The guys from Walkings were so much fun to talk to during their visit to Austin Texas for their performance at the Japan Nite showcase during South by South West Music Festival, #sxsw

Japan Nite #Japannite brings the coolest Japanese indie rock, punk and obscure culture extravaganza. Since 1996, Japan Nite has been showcasing the upcoming talents of the nation’s music scene at SXSW!  Please support them and listen to their awesome music.

Rock and Roll Japanese band Walkings, performed at Valhalla for the Japan Nite preview and the showcase at Elysium.  Musical influences such as the Bettles, Jimmy Hendrix.  Sounds from Funk, soul, rock, punk and house filled their performance.


Fu Takada/Guitar.Vocal

Hayato Yoshida/Bass

Takashi Takanashi/Drums