Vivienne Westwood

Autumn-Winter 2015

“The easiest thing to design is our unisex knitwear- you don’t have to think of anything fancy, you can stick to a basic sweater is oversize for a woman and that makes it fashion-DIY fashion” , says Vivienne who always thinks of the social and environmental issues facing our generation.


“Buy less, choose well, make it last”


Living a dream life would be all nice and easy for anyone of us, but Vivienne choses constantly to remind us all that everything has value and things we do matter.   Her label always care to make the world a better place and this season she wanted to pay tribute to Prince Charles and the great job he’s doing.  So, what best than putting him on this season’s t-shirt which they always give to their backstage team.  ” We have adopted Prince Charles as a patron for our collection” says Vivienne.

At the end of 2014, she posted photos of heroes on the Climate Revolution website.  People who are fighting for a better world.  “One by one I will write texts for our heroes”, “Today I will do Prince Charles by way of a press release for our MAN show”, she says.

According to Vivienne, Prince Charles, Prince of Wales , has used his royal status to help the human race.  He has worked indefatigably to do good.  I am astonished by what he has achieved.  He is a visionary. We could not agree with her more.

Vivienne says, “Back in the 70s when I was a punk and fighting for human rights, the young Prince Charles was more interested in spiritual things and more aware of culture than I was and most importantly, planning his career as an organic farmer;  he already realized that we must live in harmony with the earth,  The rest of the world was instead swallowing the idea of Big Agriculture monopoly, which we now know turns earth to sand”

Prince Charles has hundreds of charities which refunds by donating the profits from produce of his organic farming and he also uses his status to fundraise.  They all put people first- in contrast to government policy, which always puts business first.  According to government policy wealth ends up with monopolies and banks: According to Charles “What’s good for people is good for the economy is good for the planet.” For more details, visit under ‘Heroes’

“I personally agree with the message that is being conveyed.  As “Everything is Connected” our world is constantly changing and many of us may take things for granted. Perhaps, caught in the mist of things, between Fast Fashion and  Earning a living in a society that pays more attention to numbers than to actual human beings. When the bottom line revolves around profits and corporate alliances and monopolies, few and scarce are those people preoccupied about social and humanitarian causes.  Many rely on the NGOs and other entities to deliver the much needed help but when does the corporate responsibility  take into account their own well-being as part of the eco-system.  When does distancing oneself from the environment and the many things that make up our world make sense. Probably never, unless one is not from this planet because everything that happens here have great repercussions to our environment and nature.  Our rainforest, our climate our society are all interconnected. Pay attention and you see, everything matters no matter how small it is..” by Elizabeth Pedraza