The Fast Mark!

Mark makes the mark, again…

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Acid Flashback?!?!?!!!!!

Trance, youth, energy, dance, looong nights pretty much sums up the collection.

Canadian born, London based designer.

He is the only one that can bring back crochet and knitting from your grandma’s attict and make it look good again. He brings the craft out of the extinction list and puts it on the map of dirty, wanderlust, pleasure seeking creatures partying through the night.



His protagonist are strong fermales unaffraid of looking fierce and enjoying the night.

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Sublte is for others, his curve hugging cobwebs showcase every inch of their body without reservation.

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Only those without fear need to apply.

Live the night, enjoy the day, should be his motto,his designs capture endless energy. Only he can take models transform their sculputre perfection into raw beauty emanating creatures. His collection is Wild!, his voice is loud even when he’s not speaking. Love it or hate it, but Mark Fast is a force in the fashion world.

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