The Capital of Glam

Austin has been called the Live Music Capital of the World due to its music scene, Texas has been called a conservative state since it always seems to be going Republican not matter how many Liberals live in Austin, the state always turns red when the networks predict the elections. The truth about Texas is one big state, that’s for sure.

Well, for starters lets say Austin is not a Fashion City. It doesn’t matter if there is a so called AFW or Austin Fashion Week or not, the truth is the majority of people aside from (UT school of design) don’t do anything until the AFW is getting ready for their yearly campaign. Austin is very laid back and one can tell by its population’s relaxed look to say the least. Granted, the weather doesn’t allow for much of a layering effect if any, but I’m sure more can be achieved. One may grow used to see the going out crowds looking like they’re going to the park, wearing shorts and T-shirts instead of the latest take on any of the fashion trends.

Once a year the city gets a chance to participate on AFW, so many people get involved in it for just one week. The thing I don’t understand is how come nothing seems to happen in between those other months in which designers are supposed to be getting ready for their collections, AW and SS. Seems odd that designers only choose to design for one occasion. Seems like it’s all put together as a charade to evoke the feeling of fashion-like status on a non existent one.

Perhaps, I am seeing too much into the logistics and realistic expectations of this event. I used to think maybe I just have high expectations and it’s not all that bad, but after seeing the industry standards for an event like this, it makes it all too obvious that the local scene is by no means up to par. I’m sorry to say there is not really a fashion community in all the extension of the word. In other places, the industry gets together to nurture the new generation of designers and put Austin Texas in the map. I know, I know many people are going to say it takes time, but seems to me, that year after year the same people are involved in the same convoluted plan that falls short to say the least. One may thing that the whole idea of such an event would be to get exposure in different markets, after all if the designers are mostly from Texas then the ideas would be to increase visibility and draw traffic and sales to their stores, so why then would they have photographers enter the AFW. Seems that there are way,too many photographers to not create a category and exploit them by making them pay an entering fee. A fee for what again, that’s right. A fee for having the chance to participate into a contest to select ONE image. Really?!!

One image is not editorial, and is neither a campaign that they’re running, it’s a photo competition at best. By the way, people most vote for the popularity category. Well, the fee to enter is not an issue but the fact that winning or loosing does not make a difference. Why not put money on the table or better yet a contract so that real talent would be interested. I think sometimes competitions are all so abundant on the photography community due to the fact that photographers are all so eager to gain exposure and sometimes they lack the proper knowledge of how to go about the business of photography. So many young and old photog’s just want their moment of fame and they would do literally anything to get seen. It saddens me to see that people get used time after time because they don’t want to say no for fears of loosing likeness. The truth is nobody in their right mind is going to work for free, even if they LOVE what they do; they still have to provide for themselves and their families. It’s just irresponsible to say one must go on and make do with what was given to one, especially since in most of the cases nothing is even offered.

So, my point is: You expect people to pay for entering AFWThen they must promote themselves in order to win this “contest”.
and at the end of the day what exactly is that the contenders win?.. that’s right a golden boot! yay, let me just take that to the bank, or better yet, use that as currency for next year entry to the contest.

Anyway, the result is irrelevant for those that participate on this AFW because they would most likely be part of if the next year. For most people this is the only time of the year they get to be “creative” and be involved on something bigger than themselves. To be honest, this is the sad part about it, most people want genuinely want to make a difference but don’t know how. The ignorance of some make for some others a big profit. Enough is enough and people need to understand that a well organized event can happen and it’s all been done and continues to be done by others, so there is no reason to settle for less.

Get people that are qualified to run events. Get talent. Compensate people. Easy.
Designers need to be selected, after all the whole show should be about designer’s new collections so why are we asking photograhers to enter. What part of the equation do they play?. In most cases they’re the ones taking images of the collections and giving exposure. Interesting that make up artist and hair stylist get also put into this whole concundrum of categories. Oh well, like I said before many many things make absolutely no sense. From the set up to the delivery of AFW there is not enough to put together for one whole week. It’s more about retailers than designers and more about paying than gaining,more about one time than a lifetime.
People need to put together a campaign, a lookbook, an event and gain exposure. valuable exposure from other markets not the same market, isn’t it the whole purpose of an event like this anyways.

Capital of Glam due to the lack of Fashion per sec and the over abundance of a Glam style. If you don’t know the difference between Fashion and Glam maybe you need to re-think your whole life model.

Clarification period: There is absolutely nothing wrong with Glam except that is not Fashion, lines have been drawn and they’re very clear so people should not accidentaly or purposely cross those with the intention of perpetraying a false claim.