The Anti-Heroines Fall/Winter16 |The Blonds

Down the rabbit hole we go to find the glamorous designs for this Fall and Winter season.  As inspiration goes the anti-heroines from movies like the ones directed by Gregg Araki or Quintin Tarantino.  One becomes familiar with the theme as soon as the models step in the catwalk.

For starters we see the intricate detailing on the nail design.

The electric pink tones can mis-lead you to think that the approach to glamour is all too chic and cliche but before you make your mind on the styling, reflect on the juxtaposition of the tones and the less obvious answer comes to mind.  The styling is not the typical Miss-goodie two shoes but a more rebellious alter ego.

Like a character from a movie, the models strutted the runway with the strong look so characteristic of the Blonds.  The right attitude and the perfect accessorizing made this collection a must Have for fashion-conscious people.

Color fusion, energetic and enigmatic.

Some were accentuating silhouette hugging designs. Other were complemented with luxurious Preciosa Crystals.  Overall, the entire set F/W 2016 is something from Wonderland.


FW2016 THE BLONDS 02/17/2016

FW2016 THE BLONDS 02/17/2016 image credit DAN AND CORINA LECCA