Takeo Kikuchi 菊池 武夫

He is a well known Japanese designer in both industry and fashion. His works include eyewear frames and time-pieces and his very acclaimed Takeo Kikuchi clothing line.

Kikuchi’s role in the design of his clothing brand ended in 2004 when he stepped down from his role of head designer, handing over the reins to Taishi Nobukuni. Nobukuni has been credited with introducing a vintage/contemporary cross over style that rejuvenated the label both commercially and critically.

Takeo previous role was as the lead designer of Mens Bigi, a highly popular men’s label in Japan. Takeo’s own brand took off and his most famous line has been his menswear collection.   His brand it’s widely recognized as a top brand in Japan and its spreads its influence to Korea and China.

Success has been attributed the uniquely Asian style cuts that combined the luxury of European styles and brands with the sensibility and fit of the domestic brands.

The motto seems to be, You Don’t have to Conform, you can wear what you want and wear it with confidence. The 30 year Anniversary for Takeo Kikuchi brand was celebrated during his runway show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Tokyo.   His proposal in style is what an era of progress brought to us by the incorporation of the Jamaican people wear and the “unisex or androgynous wear to a new set of people. Not longer the bad boys, a new place in society and in the jest of things we can now find the designs an impending and reckoning force of individualism.

Short pants with matching blazer had never been so in trend as the ones worn by the models during the show. The semi-casual look is more appropriate for those with a desire to be different at all cost. His fabrics are an extension of creative patterns.


The styling for this show was exquisite in a way that very few shows do it nowadays.  The less average and more original take was the one used to stylized the collection.

Cropped pants and crown logo seen in the runway. Dress like a King and be the start of your own reality.  The cropped jacket or bolero were seen in this collection.

A new take on “The Matador” or bullfighter attire but with a hip “a la mode” feel to it.


Visions of Don Quixote, the Man of La Mancha come to mind when looking at the collection, one can only infer a similitude and inspiration draw from the famous novel.


For the traveler one, a look that keeps you styling when making that journey through life.


Whatever path you take in life is only decided by you and your choices, there are those conservative and those who are not.  There are colorful choices and plain black and white, you choose but always be happy.  The right choice, is the one you take.

For more on the brand and shop, please visit  http://store.world.co.jp/s/takeokikuchi/

Image Credit: Akin Abayomi @Dreadheadphoto