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Tex Saverio SS15 Collection
RAURY-God’s Whisper Music Video

RAURY-God’s Whisper Music Video


A genre hybrid as his music has been called, a mixture between alternative rock, hip-pop and indie blend. The Atlanta artist called Raury has taken the media by surprise. Just when you thought you heard it all, you come across his music and it’s like a breath of fresh air after a suffocating trip to the over commercialized music playing around.


For More on Raury music visit his site Raury

or listen to Raury

Beau Homme AW14

4th Dimension of Thought : BEAU HOMME AW14 A tribute to the independent Thinker intent on thoughtful response rather than mere reaction. The collection is an endorsement of the noble pursuit of learning and its capability to expand realities. Through inventive fabrications and constructions, BEAU HOMME contemplates the possibilities of what may be rather the freedom of the dream. Another great collection from the BEAU Homme team, below is the teaser video for the upcoming and much anticipated collection SS15.


ABSOLUT Originality



Inspired by the design of Absolut limited edition designed bottles, emerging designer Kitty Joseph created an original three piece collection and accessories. Watch the video featuring Njena Reddd Foxxx.


Etam show, Paris

Watch Anna-Marie Solowij on career in Fashion magazines

We are always so happy to bring our loyal fans and friends a little bit of information about the fashion industry. We came across this wonderful interview with Anna-Marie Solowij on Fashion First Hand FFH and we had to share this find.

Whatever your background may be, whatever your socioeconomical status is, one can always be in the process of becoming better. Here we leave you the vimeo link and we hope you enjoy the wisdom from Anna-Marie, who spent 6 years at Elle and has shaped the modern beauty and aesthetic world.

Remember, we appreciate your thoughts and comments.



‘A Career in Fashion Magazines’ with Anna-Marie Solowij from FashionFirstHand on Vimeo.

‘A Career in Fashion Magazines’ with Anna-Marie Solowij from FashionFirstHand on Vimeo.


Mad About The Girl | Vogue Festival 2013 panel discussions

Anyone, who has ever started his/her own blog to express his/her own personal take on fashion can possibly identify with this discussion. Many of us, have the same issues, questions and dilemas at some point in time. This great panel puts together some of the best topics in the field of fashion, blogging and branding. Don’t miss it.

Susie Bubble and Garance Dore joined by style maven Anna Dello Russo.

Vogue Festival 2013.


How To Make It In Fashion PR

For everyone interested in a career in Fashio PR, this is a great video/chat advice from some of the best in the industry. I am so glad I bummped into this speedcast while reading the Wall Street Journal, it definitely helped me to have a better idea of what goesn on in the industry. I hope everyone enjoys it.