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Street Fashion in Paris for Men Fashion AW16
Constellation Africa
Fabio Quaranta A/W 2016

Fabio Quaranta A/W 2016

Fabio Quaranta A/W 15 Paris Menswear Fashion

Fabio Quaranta’s vision

Leaving aside the aesthetic references to the worlds of fashion and contemporary music, this season the investigation concentrates on traditional dress. Looking for that folk aesthetic as a tradition, as archetype of people’s culture and appearance.

An element of a narrative object was developed in this collection, the iconic garments so characteristic of the classic tailoring were analyzed in their entirety.

A Game of Cross over seems to be the synthesis of the collection. Through a process of ‘Cut-Up’ and manipulation, clothes are decontextualized, almost swallowed one into the other and are adapted for use by both. There os a loss of gender and a synthesis capable of creating another:

“PANDROGENIA”, a term borrowed from the artist Genesis P-orridge almost a tribute to the work he carried out with his wife Lady Jane.


For more on the brands visit, www.fabioquarant.it

Images courtesy of Akin Abayomi

Transformation: A clockwork orange

A Clockwork Orange

A strange vision of the future past was the imminent  theme in the Transformation that took place for AW15.   A mastermind of creative minds that Taking Pleasure and Personal Amusement brought us back Black Rubber, Leather and Zip it up.

We were sent on a mandatory journey via The Dreaming of designer Marjan Pejoski to meet the Inuit people, Aurora Borealis , fur framed parkas all while living consciously looking inside out , looking outside in.






For more on KTZ, visit k-t-z.co.uk  Images provided by UK press officer Alex.  Global communication: People’s Revolution   image credit Christopher Dadey



A teaser film

Today’s collection is timeless and classic, and Thomas Harvey Head of Menswear design is keen to state that this season’s offering os not ‘trend-led’. There is a real focus on fabric innovation, with an obvious hark back to the brand heritage.With modern take on exploration, Edmund Hillary’s ascent to Everest was the starting point, and the brand’s involvement in creating fabric for this monumental event. Mountaineering inspires lots of the outwear pieces, which have expedition details in the fabrics used.

For more on Aquascutum, visit 




Renowned for his distinctive and playful aesthetic, the SANKUANZ collection explores the conflicting cultural elements that exist in Asian youth sub culture.  Creating his own unique world outside of the constraints of mainstream society, Sankuanz offers his audience an alternative form of expression.

The Autumn/ Winter 2015 collection looks to observation on the struggle in differentiating between what is dream and reality.  Entitled Dolphin Hotel, the collection draws inspiration from a transient dream like location.  The mood conjured by the striking prints.

Within the collection, SANKUANZ combines 1990’s sportswear with European court dress.  Neoprene fabric is used to create a melt wet suit with an exquisite dobby print.  The collection mixes contemporary and functional fabrics with traditional menswear craftwork.  Print is used to conjure and set the main inspiration of the Dolphin Hotel, a transient and dream like location.

GQ China was launched in October 2009, and lastly established the status as the most important men’s brand in China.  Being the leading influencer and advocator in the Chinese menswear industry, GQ China is proud to serve as a bridge and medium introducing China’s fashion design talent to an international arena.

“It is a privilege to be working alongside GQ China for a second consecutive season and debut my AW15 collection at this years London Collections Men.  GQ China have been a great support during the last two seasons and have given me a fantastic opportunity to showcase SANKUANZ and Chinese design to a large audience not only in the UK but globally.”

Shangguan Zhe, Designer SANKUANZ

Dolphin Hotel AW 2015 Collection

All images provided by Exposure PR

For more on SANKUANZ, please visit his website SANKUANZ.COM and look around, this new designer is shaping the world of fashion.



RAFT, the Autumn/Winter 2015 Christopher Rayburn’s collection draws inspiration from survival, endurance and immersion.  The concept emerged through an exploration of the lives of a group of men adrift on the open ocean, endeavoring to survive the cruel hardships and formidable conditions abroad a life raft.

Style and purpose remain at the forefront of this seasons’s offering but are carefully balanced with a playful exploration of fabrication, technique and color.

As always the REMADE category encapsulates the seasonal concept. An original life raft has re-appropiated to create a stand out limited edition collection of bright and graphic outwear and accessories.  The REMADE panel parka and bomber create a playful explosion of yellows and oranges, making use of the upper section of the raft, which is designed to attract attention at sea.

In contrast an all black rubber field jacket is crafted from the underside of the raft and features original graphics, which are replicated in various styles and fabrications across the collection.

Keeping with the life raft as inspiration, latex rubber is used to create unique inflatable outwear; a new puffer jacket and gilet in bold reds and blues inject entertaining and unusual silhouettes into the collection.

Continuing the partnership with The Woolmark Company, luxury Merino knitwear comes two seasonal designs, one featuring the highly topical mascot for AW15, a shark, and the other picking up the arrow graphic from the original life raft.

The hybrid hoodie, fast becoming a Raeburn classic, is re-imagined using a heavy textured fleece creating a dynamic contrast with the lightweight Merino jersey.

A uniquely beautiful Japanese wool denim is a stand out fabric for the season, featured in a fleece lined jean jacket and distinctive combat pants, a completely new addition to the Raeburn legwear category.

Prints continue to play a pivotal role in the aesthetic.  The shark and the shark’s tooth are used as motifs for the season, masterfully integrated into digital prints and applied to seat shirts and joggers.  The shark tooth is also referenced in photo real woven patches applied to garments across the collection and marks the ongoing partnership with Avery Dennison RBIS to develop unique and innovative embellishment techniques and branding.

The lightweight and quilted outwear has evolved for AW15 to feature a new quilt design on the body with contrast sleeves in the classic Raeburn zig-zag pattern.  This season Christopher Raeburn also ventures into footwear, collaborating with premium footwear brand Purified to create an exclusive boot and shoe to complement the AW15 collection.

AW15  RAFT Collection

Images provided by Exposure Pr