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Degree Fahrenheit 天津 憂 Yu Amatsu

Degree Fahrenheit 天津 憂 Yu Amatsu

Designer Profile

After graduating from Fashion school, Yu Amatsu moved to New York in 2004 where he worked as a pattern maker for brands like Jen Kao and Marc Jacobs and has won the Gen Art International Design Competition twice.
Brand Profile

Amatsu’s skills as a pattern maker can be seen from his intricate details and the beautiful structure of his clothes. He aspires to create clothes with a message, and to bring the wearer’s individual value to a higher level.
Designer Profile

卒業後、フリーの衣裳デザイナーを経て2004年単身New Yorkへ。Zac Posen, Philip Limなど、数多くのデザイナーを輩出している全米最大ファッションコンテスト 「GEN ART International Design Competition」にて、各国のバイヤー、有名デザイナーらによって、斬新なデザインとクリエーションの高さを評価され2年連続グランプリ受賞。JFWのshinmai creater’s Project に選ばれたのを機に2009年に帰国、2010AW 東京コレクションデビュー。株式会社212を設立メンズ、レディースともに展開する。
Brand Profile

2010AWからJFWのShinmai creators project で東京コレクションデビュー。

ブランドコンセプトは『ハイ コンセプト』。


Perfil del diseñador

Después de graduarse de la escuela de moda, Yu Amatsu se mudó a Nueva York en 2004, donde trabajó como un creador de patrones para marcas como Jen Kao y Marc Jacobs y ha ganado el Concurso Internacional de Arte Diseño Gen dos veces.

Perfil de la Marca

Las habilidades de Amatsu como un creador de patrones se pueden ver desde sus intrincados detalles y la hermosa estructura de su ropa. Aspira a crear ropa con un mensaje, y para aportar valor individual del usuario a un nivel superior.

AW15-16 Collection

Grey was predominant color in this autumn/winter collection which included casual mid-length knee-high light jackets with zippers and oversized lapel winter coats in a washed down ivory tone.


An oversized parka with fur detail also with zipper closure for all the goodies you want to keep close to your heart.



For the Femmes, the fashion choices were abundant.

A Degree Fahrenheit image by akin abayomi

A below the knee full skirt added volume to the silhouette. Paired down with a cropped jacket in matching ivory tone. A very Rockability 50’s look.

A slender long coat with puffy arm and neck wrap brought the collection to a new generation of edgy fashion trend setters.

model wearing A Degree Fahrenheit AW15-16 Collection during MBFWT image by Akin Abayomi

Another coat on the same color palette but with long slim lines.



A knee-high pleated dress with grey over the shoulder coat.

A_degree_FAHRENHEIT AW15 Collection by designer Yu Amatsu, during MBFWT , Fashion week Tokyo, image by Akin abayomi

A loose capri pants paired down with a ivory front closure jacket.



Asymmetrical look in black , open front zipper allows for free movement and adds volume to a static piece.

There were also Autumn Winter Looks for the Hommes, the Menswear portion was also very cohesive in the color palette.

Long jersey like jacket for the edgy guy.  Knee- length coats, casual feel and modern hipster style for those guys that like to style.

For more on the brand, visit their website  

IISER LOEN 手塚 浩二 Koji Tezuk

Designer Profile

Born in 1967, Koji’s early fashion years were in the knit maker industry. At the age of 29, he established “ieri design products, co., ltd.” Since then, he has produced iliann loeb, GALANCE and 6 other women’s brands. From the SS 2015 season, Koji has finally created the opportunity to establish his first men’s brand, IISER LOEN.

1967年生まれ。 ニットメーカーに勤務後、29歳で独立し、イエリデザインプロダクツを設立。以来、「イリアンローヴ」、「ガランス」他6つのウィメンズブランドをプロデュース。2015 SSシーズンより新メンズブランド「イイザ ローン」をスタート。

Brand Profile

Established in  2014

Designed for men in adult men, the total brand concept advocates a “new age of dandyism.” Koji has incorporated his extensive knowledge and keen attention to details within the basic, yet chic designs. Unfazed by fad-like trends, IISER LOEN creates a life lasting experience with each and every piece.

[ブランド創設年] 2014年


ISSER LOEN is part This is my Partner initiative

AW 2015-2016 Collection.

A slim fit for menswear. The Wardrobe consisted of multi-layer looks and scarves as accessories. Color palette was a tone down, grey, black mixed with a timeless green tone and some spark of color was introduced by the use of red as sweatshirt and shoes.


The feel of the collection was cohesive. minimalist and utilitarian without compromising style.


Image credit: Akin Abayomi 

Takeo Kikuchi 菊池 武夫