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Less than 2 weeks for London Fashion

Return to Simplicity

During the London Fashion Week Autumn Winter 2016, Designer Edeline Lee presented her collection with the idea of a return to simplicity.

I think we are all feeling the need to simplify, pull back, minimize, declutter, underexpose, eat cleaner food, air out our inboxes, stop keeping with the Joneses, turn off earphones and of off the grid. I used purer shapes, cleaner lines and fabrics with integrity.  The landscape and climate we live in now ironically requires us to be constantly exposed and yet at the same time, hold ourselves once removed from all the chatter,” Edeline commented.

A functional, utilitarian series of Black, Calico and Ivory pieces are made of heavy Virgin Wool crepe. Unstructured coats with three-dimensional contrast pipping, wrapped around like a blanket.

The On| Off The Vinyl Factory where Switzerland-based artist Kyung Roh Bannwart has created an abstract landscape using a mixture of playful shapes made of shredded paper.

A sophisticated signature made of precise cuts and refined craftsmanship.

Image credit Edeline Lee (c) Simbarashe Cha



Edeline Lee AW16 Lookbook image credit (c) Theresa Marx


Sexy jumpsuits from Maria Grachvogel

Sexy jumpsuits from Maria Grachvogel

Maria Grachvogel really does make the jumpsuit look sexy, the flow and volume of the jumpsuit pants and the fit on the upper body just talks to you in a certain way. It really puts an elegant look to the jumpsuit. The proportions just works wonders on the models features.

Here are some of the jumpsuits from the SS14 collections.

Aqua tint crepe Giornata Jumpsuit

Aqua tint crepe Giornata Jumpsuit by Maria Grachvogel

Aqua tint crepe Giornata Jumpsuit

Plaster Egyptian cotton Ramie Picasso Jumpsuit
Plaster Egyptian cotton Ramie Picasso Jumpsuit by Maria Grachvogel

Plaster Egyptian cotton Ramie Picasso Jumpsuit

Plaster crepe impressionist skirt Jumpsuit
Plaster crepe impressionist skirt Jumpsuit by Maria Grachvogel

Plaster crepe impressionist skirt Jumpsuit

Plaster Melting Paint print cotton Giornata jumpsuit
Plaster Melting Paint print cotton Giornata jumpsuit by Maria Grachvogel

Plaster Melting Paint print cotton Giornata jumpsuit

 Clay Creme Repoussoir  jumpsuit with textured sequin
Clay Creme Repoussoir jumpsuit with textured sequin by Maria Grachvogel

Clay Creme Repoussoir jumpsuit with textured sequin



S/S 2014 Collection ‘Frida’

Designer Veronica Basharatyan created the collection inspired by Mexican surrealist painter Frida Kahlo work, pain and passion . The inspiration is reflected in the color palette and the silhouettes referencing to Frida’s uncompromising depiction of the female experience form.

In the runway we see layers of delectable silk chiffons in both vivid and pastel colours. Intriguing prints and embellishments that attract our attention and don’t let go. From the sophisticated retro hair to the subtle finishes on the nails and make up. The all too famous enhanced brow or almost uni-brow worn by Frida Kahlo.

fridaFrida Kahlo painting


Basharatyan SS14 LFW

Luxurious silks and soft palettes complementing the concept. Intricate patterns adorn the flowing silk chiffons as the wind flows through the seams of the gowns. Low back cuts, are present in the myriad of creative visual alchemy. A femenine approach with a strong protagonist as it’s muse. A woman who is not affraid of color, who can wear the most constricted suit but chooses to wear the joy of confidence and elegance without sacrificing style.

Basharatyan's low cut back dress ss14

Sleek and long lines, body hugging dress with low cut back opening.

Basharatyan clutch bag close up SS14, LFW

Signature knit in vibrant colors from S/S 14 ‘Frida’ Collection.| image Livingfash Media 2013

Her signature piece ‘ribbon knit’ was found this season in a charming range of clutch bags.

Basharatyan 9

sculptured sillouttes, form filling, curve hugging knee length dresses with a flowing see through chiffon top in neutral tones.

Basharatyan brand is based in conceptual creativity, research technique, unique fabrics and original shapes and prints.

designer Veronica Basharatyan

Designer Veronica Basharatyan. | Livingfash Media.

Enjoy images from the catwalk S/S 2014 ‘Frida ‘Collection

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The Fast Mark!

Mark makes the mark, again…

mark1 3

Acid Flashback?!?!?!!!!!

Trance, youth, energy, dance, looong nights pretty much sums up the collection.

Canadian born, London based designer.

He is the only one that can bring back crochet and knitting from your grandma’s attict and make it look good again. He brings the craft out of the extinction list and puts it on the map of dirty, wanderlust, pleasure seeking creatures partying through the night.



His protagonist are strong fermales unaffraid of looking fierce and enjoying the night.

mark3 1

Sublte is for others, his curve hugging cobwebs showcase every inch of their body without reservation.

mark1 1

Only those without fear need to apply.

Live the night, enjoy the day, should be his motto,his designs capture endless energy. Only he can take models transform their sculputre perfection into raw beauty emanating creatures. His collection is Wild!, his voice is loud even when he’s not speaking. Love it or hate it, but Mark Fast is a force in the fashion world.

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KTZ: AW13 Women Collection
Emma Farrow | UNIQUE

Emma Farrow | UNIQUE


Emma Farrow

BACKGROUND: Born in Fareham, Hampshire, Emma graduated in 1999 from Middlesex University with a degree in Constructed Textiles. She has previously worked for Uth womenswear and Jigsaw menswear.



Simone Rocha


BACKGROUND: In 2008, Simone completed her BA in fashion from The National College of Art & Design in Dublin. She graduated from her MA at Central Saint Martins in 2010.

“Modern and strong yet romantic.”

TRADEMARK PIECE: “The floating perspex brogue.”

IDEAL CLIENT: “A woman who wants to wear beautiful things.”

THE COLLECTION: “My grandmother.”

CULTURAL INFLUENCES: “I’m listening to Patsy Cline, Inc. and the BBC world service. I’m also inspired by photographs by Jacob Lillis and The Hour.”