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Bernard Chandran

Bernard Chandran

bernard chandran invitation for SS14Invitation for SS 14 Show

bernard chandran dress from SS14 Collection at Fashion Scout during LFW

Model wearing Bernard Chandran dress from SS14 Collection at The Vestibule | Fashion Scout September 13th, 2013. London,UK.

September 13th, around 3pm, we arrive early to cover the pre-show and had our photographer handy to document the intricancies of the fashion shows. It’s fascinating to see what level of coordination and the many different steps needed to make the show run smoothly. We all love the final outcome, the runway show but do we ever stop to think how fast the models need to get dress or the times that they need to walk the runway pre-show just to reherse the patterns and the rythm of the music to be played. We as guest enjoy the show, we look at the clothes and give our opinions about the good, the bad and the ugly but we hardly take the time to consider all the work behind the close doors.

We had the privilege of seeing some of the girls, getting instructions on the walk, it’s so cool to see them all line up and directing their attention to what is going to be the fate in the next few minutes.

bernard  chandran models before the show

Models getting instructions about the walk, the light,etc.

bernard  3

Here we see the model during pre-show, still with hair work unfinished but doing the catwalk run. The process of testing is important for the models, the design team and the photographers. It helps to find out if anything needs to be changed, fixed.

bernard  chandran s/s14 collection close up, detailsLovely vibrant colored details and textures on the fabrics of this S/S14.

Natasha Zinko

Natasha Zinko

Natasha Zinko exhibited her SS14 collection at the Vestibule at Fashion Scout during London Fashion Week. Guests were welcome to a scene from a romantic time getaway. Like magic the room is converted into a fictional scene with flutes of champagne and chocolates floating around. The lovely models seem like heroins from another epoch.

NatashaZinko Collection SS14

Model wearing Natasha Zinko SS14.

NatashaZinko 1

The mood is a relaxing mixture of a walk in the park and the love novel you haven’t finish yet. A great decorating effort took place and the place was definitely transformed for the occasion. Almost like stepping into another epoch, the atmosphere of the Vestibule contribute to the whole look. The models wearing a mixture of french lace, organza, in hues of neutral pastels and some bold black tones were seen throughout the room.

NatashaZinko 5

NatashaZinko 2

The scene was serene and playful. The eye catching accessories complemented the design.

NatashaZinko 4

Images: Akin Abayomi for LivingFash Media.

Silhouetting the female form with antique lace and see thorough fabrics enhanced the romantic scenery as well as the golden tones as seen on the model.


S/S 2014 Collection ‘Frida’

Designer Veronica Basharatyan created the collection inspired by Mexican surrealist painter Frida Kahlo work, pain and passion . The inspiration is reflected in the color palette and the silhouettes referencing to Frida’s uncompromising depiction of the female experience form.

In the runway we see layers of delectable silk chiffons in both vivid and pastel colours. Intriguing prints and embellishments that attract our attention and don’t let go. From the sophisticated retro hair to the subtle finishes on the nails and make up. The all too famous enhanced brow or almost uni-brow worn by Frida Kahlo.

fridaFrida Kahlo painting


Basharatyan SS14 LFW

Luxurious silks and soft palettes complementing the concept. Intricate patterns adorn the flowing silk chiffons as the wind flows through the seams of the gowns. Low back cuts, are present in the myriad of creative visual alchemy. A femenine approach with a strong protagonist as it’s muse. A woman who is not affraid of color, who can wear the most constricted suit but chooses to wear the joy of confidence and elegance without sacrificing style.

Basharatyan's low cut back dress ss14

Sleek and long lines, body hugging dress with low cut back opening.

Basharatyan clutch bag close up SS14, LFW

Signature knit in vibrant colors from S/S 14 ‘Frida’ Collection.| image Livingfash Media 2013

Her signature piece ‘ribbon knit’ was found this season in a charming range of clutch bags.

Basharatyan 9

sculptured sillouttes, form filling, curve hugging knee length dresses with a flowing see through chiffon top in neutral tones.

Basharatyan brand is based in conceptual creativity, research technique, unique fabrics and original shapes and prints.

designer Veronica Basharatyan

Designer Veronica Basharatyan. | Livingfash Media.

Enjoy images from the catwalk S/S 2014 ‘Frida ‘Collection

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Zeynep Tosun

Zeynep Tosun

Zeynep Tosun was born in Istanbul and studied Fashion Design at Instituto di Marangoni in Milan. She has worked as part of the design team for design houses such as Alberta Ferreti and Dice Kayek. Tosun established her own brand in 2008.

She is now focusing on tailor-made haute couture in addition to her pret-a-porter collections shown at London Fashion Week.

Emerging Turkish designer draws inspiration from the 1920’s for his S/S2014 Collection titled “Hidden” .

The collection merges androgenous shapes and concealed sexuality in the transparent details nod the allusive feminity. Wide legged trousers, drop shoulder dresses, skirts with covert splits, etc. Silks and chiffons are a common occurence among the 2014 collections this season.

Anna K

Anna K

Anna K

Anna Kolomoets a conceptual woman swear designer creating garments and accessories for fashion-loving modern women.

Her new collection is filled with romance and feminity. It includes natural light fabric, white silk and organza. A wide variety of dresses for every occasion. Among the collection we find Anna K collaboration with Proskurovska in the accessories department. Their joint effort gave us the transparent bags seen below.

inspiration for the collection was the young lady character in “Tender is the Night” novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald. In Anna’s collection, the main character us a young girl ready to fall in love.

Mercedes Benz Kiev Fashion Days S/S 2014

Kiev Fashion Days S/S 2014

After the great success of F/W 2013-2014 edition, MBKFD showcased at Fashion Scout London. As everyone knows Fashion Scout is one of the most important independent events that discover new designers and gives the an opportunity to showcase during London Fashion Week. Fashion Scout continues to lead and support the emerging designers to the point to where they standon your feet, on average the company supports the designers of a few seasons and helps them build a sustainable business.

Eastern Europe has become a very important source for brands, since new and fresh designers get discover daily thanks to iniciatives such as this and the constant interest on Eastern Europe fashion. Nowdays, brands are looking internationally for emerging designers with talent and creativity.

After their London showcase, Kiev designers will be presenting in Kiev. The purpose of Mercedes-Benz Kiev Fashion Days is the development of the designers who take part on it. The feeling of responsibility over the event and the content is high from the organizers of this event. They don’t want to let the international community down.

This season Ukranian designers to show were RCR Khomenko, Yasya Minochkina, Lia Syn, Lera Leshchova, Anton Belinskiy, Anna K.

FAD 2013 Junior Awards

FAD 2013 Junior Awards


The Junior Awards conclude FAD’s Fashion Futuress programme of intensive practical fashion workshops. In 2013 almost one hundred 16-19 year olds took part on what turned out to be 20 finalists who were selected by an industry panel to take part in FAD’s summer school. The young and bright participants had just five days to create their collections to show at FAD Junior Awards.

FAD is an award winning charity which supports young people through innovative workshops, competitions and specialist careers advise. Their partnerships allow to bring out skills, insight and opportunities to 12-25 year olds from all walks of life. This great organization fills a gap between the talent and the knowledge, it helps connect those with potential with those partners in the community that can contribute wisedom.

We would like to thank the amazing guys and girls from TONI & GUY who did the hair for the show.

Also the Make-up by Lan Nguyen and team sponsred by The Body Shop.

Never to forget the nails, a very important part on the final look on the runway. Pebbles Aiken

What else can be said about the astonishing achivements by these set of young talent. The fact of the matter is that they only had five days to accomplish their goal, their design and collection. Many of us can hardly fanthom the idea of such a short deadline but not this selected group showed us that it can all be possible. Kudos and Congratulations to all, they are all winners in my eyes.

Click on images. All images brought to you via Livingfash by our phototeam.


F.A.D. 2013 Left to Right Designs by: Gloria Iyare, Rochelle Nicholas Bastien, Tihara Smith, Molly Camara amd Olivia Till



F.A.D. 2013, Left to Right Designs by: Sarah Simpson, Melissa Absalud Abdalla


F.A.D. 2013 Left to Right Designs by:Yosana De Ceita Rodrigues Leal, Nhung Le Thi Hong, Zahra Khatouli, Nell Downes.


F.A.D. 2013 Left to Right Designs by: Hannah Tasane, Naomi Brady, Migena kola and Rebecca George


F.A.D. 2013 Finalists Left to Right Designs by: Beau Scarlett-Pitt, Lily Southin, Claudia Teixeira Ferreira and Jayde Yankey.


Design Innovation Winner Naomi Brady.

Of course, there are always those that superceed all expectations and can not be ignored. This is the case of Naomi Brady from St Francis Xavier Sixth Form College who wins Design Innovation Award.


Cutting Pattern Award was given to Yosana de Ceita Rodriguez Leal from Winchmore School.


Research and Interpretation Award goes to Nell Downes from Prendergast Hillyfields College.

Winner of the FAD Awards was Beau Scarlett-Pitt from Langley Park School. Her original design consisted of an elegant printed body fitting dress with a high collar and feather embellishment complement. A very intrique design with a fabulous exectution. Well done, Beau Scrlett-Pitt. The world awaits your designs.



Our personal thanks to the great team that put together the FAD 2013 Junior Awards. They care so much for the up and coming talent that they are truly committed to support, promote and motivate the young generation to acquire the knowledge needed to succeed in this industry. Textiles and fashion can be a fuzzy interlude to someone’s dream but with the help of Fashion Futures sponsored by George and the wonderful people that make FAD a reality this dream can become true to some determined young designer.




The Fast Mark!

The Fast Mark!

Mark makes the mark, again…

mark1 3

Acid Flashback?!?!?!!!!!

Trance, youth, energy, dance, looong nights pretty much sums up the collection.

Canadian born, London based designer.

He is the only one that can bring back crochet and knitting from your grandma’s attict and make it look good again. He brings the craft out of the extinction list and puts it on the map of dirty, wanderlust, pleasure seeking creatures partying through the night.



His protagonist are strong fermales unaffraid of looking fierce and enjoying the night.

mark3 1

Sublte is for others, his curve hugging cobwebs showcase every inch of their body without reservation.

mark1 1

Only those without fear need to apply.

Live the night, enjoy the day, should be his motto,his designs capture endless energy. Only he can take models transform their sculputre perfection into raw beauty emanating creatures. His collection is Wild!, his voice is loud even when he’s not speaking. Love it or hate it, but Mark Fast is a force in the fashion world.

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London Fashion Daily SS14- LFW

The Daily London

The Daily, London Fashion Week best resource to stay informed of daily fashion events.

Another week of Fashion has come and gone and the highlights of it will be present in the daily lives of many of us wheather we like to admit or not. From the catwalk to the middle shelf at the grocery stores we will be seeing how fashion unwrap the latest trends we have just been seeing on the runways of the British fashion designers. London is a hotspot for talent and many editors and buyers flock to this city for the latesty installment of what’s going to be ‘News’ in the near future. London is very welcoming of the new talent and we were witness to the emerging talent surging from the talent pool.

Among the newest designers we cover the runway of Tabernacle Twins, a newly established brand working the limits between illustration, textile and fashion. Each new collection of Tabernacle Twins follows the fictional path of Twin Muses that serve as inspiration to the designer Vibe Lundemark a graduate from Royal College of Art, London in 2009. The Twins is a recollection of chapters of their adventurous journey. With each chapter, the designer introduces us to a new collection filled with a new panoramic scennenarie relevant to that particular collection.


ashish runway image

Delhi born designer and former MA graduate from Central Saint Martins, Ashish has been showing his collections since 2004 in London Fashion Week runways. He brings urban bling and sequins to the runway in a show that leaves us wanting to see more. His inspiration seems to be a mixture of tribal jewelery and missmatch eclectic ware with a splash of Coca Cola logo into it, i.e. glamorous,ethnic,pop and urban . We are pleasantly surprised to find the vast diversity of elements in his latest collection. We are sure that the ‘star power’ will come soon to scoop the latest installment of fashion statements on this season runway. Lets go stylists, go pull!! dying to see what editorials come up with.

Saddie Williams


We first saw Saddie’s work as part of the Central Saint Martins graduate runway show back in February during LFW AW13. We were really impressed with her style and fabric selection. The concept also seemed like something out of Dr. Who, very chic but unique at the same time. We were mesmerized by the fabrics shades and the reflective properties, upon closer examination we realized that she has in fact created the fabric herself. This time we found her designs displayed at Selfridges as part of Bright Young Things 2013 project. We were so pleased to see her once again, this time showcasing her designs at Fashion Scout. We love to see new talent with such a bright future and tremendous creativity.

Fyodor Golan


‘Electric Chicldren’ S/S 14

Another grasp of fresh air were the designs by Fryodor Golan. Concentrating energies on shape,color and modernism with a realistic active lifestyle. Inspiration based on the journey that men/women on bikes take every morning along the river as well as the runners alongside. Fabrics took an important part on the collection creation, with the idea of creating flexible and energetic sportswear with the luxury fabrics was a focal point. Color scheme is a bright contrast of pinks, yellow and mint pastels. With transparent accnts and a well defined structure the designs provoque a sexuality and romanticism. Collaborations with Smiley also made possible the the enhanced urban feel to the collection. It’s apparent that this dou Frodor Podgorny and Golan Frydman are up to something here, the modern woman want to have beautiful clothes and still be able to live a active lifestyle.