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Transformation: A clockwork orange

Transformation: A clockwork orange

A Clockwork Orange

A strange vision of the future past was the imminent  theme in the Transformation that took place for AW15.   A mastermind of creative minds that Taking Pleasure and Personal Amusement brought us back Black Rubber, Leather and Zip it up.

We were sent on a mandatory journey via The Dreaming of designer Marjan Pejoski to meet the Inuit people, Aurora Borealis , fur framed parkas all while living consciously looking inside out , looking outside in.






For more on KTZ, visit k-t-z.co.uk  Images provided by UK press officer Alex.  Global communication: People’s Revolution   image credit Christopher Dadey



Designer Marjan Pejoski .

Urban Warrior is a collection inspired by Ancient Greek Warriors brings a mythology’s fan dream to life. A feast for anyone with taste for the torso sculpted designs. A must for anyone with a little bit of urban warrior on themselves.

urban, contemporary and feisty. A collection that brings Ancient symbols to the modern world and incorporates traditions to modern life. A clash of titans or a merge of symbiotic fashion trends in the multicultural arena of daily life.



DESIGNER NAMES: Marjan Pejoski (Creative Director) and Koji Maruyama (Head of Design).

BACKGROUND: Following the success of Marjan Pejoski’s own brand, KTZ arose mutually by himself and Sasko Bezovski – Pejoski studied fashion design at London’s Central St Martins University. It was shortly after the launch of KTZ that Maruyama was made head of design by Pejoski.

After touring the world as a renowned DJ throughout the 1980’s, Bezovski generated the umbrella of retail stores ‘Kokon to Zai’ in London and Paris, combining the passion for music and fashion that has birthed a renowned cult hybrid since opening of business in 1996 as a music store; a space dedicated to all creative artists. Bezovski manoeuvres operational, commercial and financial areas throughout Kokon To Zai.