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New Couture

New Couture

Interview with Nadya Kojevnikova CEO of New Couture Showroom and Muriel Piaser Global Business Development & Fashion Consulting.

The market seems to be saturated with Ready to Wear, few lucky souls can afford the privilege of Haute Couture. so what is there for the rest of us, one may ask.

Don’t be heartbroken yet, a new fashion proposal just became available.  For those with taste for the good fabrics, handmade details such as embroidery, the New Couture showroom is an interesting proposition.
Interview for DMAG – Felipe Rojas Llanos: Futurista & Perdurable

Interview for DMAG – Felipe Rojas Llanos: Futurista & Perdurable

Interview for DMAG – Felipe Rojas Llanos: Futurista & Perdurable

by Liz Pedraza

Felipe by Kirill Kuletski

Felipe by Kirill Kuletski || Image Credit http://www.kuletski.com

1-When did you first become interested in Fashion, do you recall a moment in time when you thought, this is what I want to do for the rest of my life?

I became interested in fashion and started considering it as something I might wanna do after I saw the work of Hussein Chalayan in an exhibition called Radical Fashion that was showcasing the most unique designers at the time in London,I think it was back in 2002? So in a way Mr Chalayan inspired me to this path, but it wasn’t until I created my graduate collection The Little

Prince goes to the Opera in 2008 that I realised that this was what I wanted to dedicate myself to.

2- Do you think the juxtaposition of the Latin American roots and the Swedish upbringing shaped or influenced your aesthetic views, if so how.

I really do, I think growing up in Sweden with a latin background and coming home to a latin house hold made me see things differently and in a way absorb the best of both cultures, I am incredibly proud of my heritage I have native indian blood from my fathers side and spanish and german blood from my mothers side, but I think growing up in Sweden with it’s purity and calmness really shaped my mind and my minimal approach to creating,while my latin side makes me take risks and attract myself to beautiful vibrant colours.
I think like most people I have a crazy and calm side constantly struggling to get out, I think this reflect to my background, but like any latin person I am very close to my family

3- In the extremely competitive business of fashion what challenges you the most?

The business side of it, the designing and the creating process is the reason I do it for so that comes naturally, sponsorship and budgeting and cost pricing is what is a challenge for me to do,mostly because it bores me, but you gotta do the boring part too because the fashion business is a business and hopefully I am getting better at it every season.

4- We read/heard you draw inspiration from many different things, such as graphic novels, ballet, movie or even a phrase on a song. What inspired you in your last collection “Untitled”?

My Untitled 6 collection was made with a different approach in mind, normally I create a collection inspired by a mood from a film or a character or a story, but due to me living in London and we having such awful weather I started creating the collection with the question in mind What should I wear ? while leaving my flat something that will be good in the rain or if the sun comes out? so I started creating garments in mind that would be varsity in the everchanging weather, so it was more about the silhouettes and fabrics that I based on some of my favourite cuts.

5- What part has the duality of hot/cold, Chile/Sweden, ying/yang played in your life as a designer and creator?

Ha ha it’s the base of who I am, it has defined who I am and how I create, my brain is in constant chaos but at the same time I am very calmed about it and it help me create.

6- The film for the latest collection “Untitled” it’s very interesting in the fact that it’s only nature and men, there are no gimmicks no extravaganza or anything else almost like coming back to basics in a very artistic way. Did you have any input on it?

I worked very close with my friend Jo Hudson who is a very talented film-maker to get across the mood of what I am trying to create with my brand, we wanted to create a beautiful melancholic mood, the artistic vision was Jo’s she captured the mood of what I want my collection to be perceived as perfectly, I am very pleased with it.

7- Your designs have been called luxurious yet wearable, are you fine with that or are you gearing towards more couture designs in the future?

I want people to want to wear my clothes mainly due to their aesthetic and comfort,I think it’s important that they feel comfortable otherwise next time you pick your outfit you’ll hesitate the 2nd time and 3rd time around and since in the end we wear only 10 % of our wardrobe I want my garments to fit into that percentage that’s what I aspire to create as well as a garment that is unlike anything out there, that’s where my influence of couture comes in,so yes I am moving toward more couture designs but without losing the comfort factor. That’s one of the challenges but if it isn’t challengeing then what would be the point.

8- How would you like to define your style?

Romantic, flamboyant, melancholic, I keep getting told it has a futuristic touch, I’d like to think it’s timeless.

9- We know you worked through your MA studies, you partied and did the work all at the same time. How did you keep it together and still be on top, any motivation or pure perseverance?

I am a firm believer of work hard and play hard,always have been, I have always been told by my tutors and professors not to forget to have fun as well and that once the degree is over you’d be thrown to reality outside so I think it’s important to keep in mind that it will end, we all put so much effort on the CSM MA it’s really hard not to feel like you lose a buddy once it’s over, you realize it became your second home,I had to work could not afford to live in London otherwise, so it was not an option and even though sometimes it was really hard to balance I found working helped me focus on what I needed to do and edit my work more rapidly so in a way it really helped me to become faster because I didn’t have the luxury of time.

10- What’s your most worthy possession and why?

I would say my Cather In the Rye book or my iPod, just because whenever I feel lost or am down I start re reading it, it comforts me of what’s important and I can’t live without music it inspire me on an every day basis, I recently had to move and got rid of a so much stuff,it really sets you free to get rid of things you hold onto,they are just things,it’s just and Illusions to find attachment not reality.

11-Have you thought about incorporating your drawing into the fabrics and make it like a wearable graphic novel.

I have and have custom made a couple of t-shirts of my characters to a friend who was obsessed with one of them, I am actually thinking of screen printing a couple this upcoming season,but it will be more Illustrative then actual character drawings or comic strips.

12-Anything you want to tell your fans and share with us?

I’ll share my favourite quote, Good clothes like any form of fine art, were always greeted with ridicule when they were brought into the open Rachel West 1925 I think it gives a positive view to anyone insecure of what they are creating.

For Felipe’s Collection, visit: http://rojasllanos.com

Untitled 88 from Felipe Rojas Llanos on Vimeo.


Between cities | Avicii’s interview

Between cities | Avicii’s interview

We had a chance to catch AVICII for a short interview during Austin City Limits.

1-Who are some people who inspire you?

Plenty of different artists. I grew up with everything from Ray Charles to Kiss, so maybe that’s where my

interest started. In electronic music, I really liked listening to Daft Punk even before I knew to call it House Music, and then went on to a lot of Eric Prydtz, Steve Angelo, Axwell, Sebastian Ingrosso, and Laidback Luke. I’ve learnt a lot from them, and they have all influenced me.

2-You travel a lot, how do you survive the tours, any particular routine or how do you relax?

When I’m touring I feel I’m mostly in and out of hotel rooms, venues and restaurants.

I rarely get to experience the cities I go to properly. I also have to make time doing my pre-gig routines and deciding on what tracks I want to bring, making sure I have all my things in order.

3-What is in your playlist, ipod,or music player?

A lot of new music for my sets. Whenever I hear music it feels like I’m working as I listen to music differently today – always looking for inspiration. So when I’m off I usually want to relax and not listen to my iPod.

4-What song are you the most proud of?

Hard to say. All songs are different, and I like them all in different ways. I’m very proud of the collaborations I’ve done, as well as the tracks that obviously have become big and well appreciated by others. I think that for me trying to pick what song I’m proudest of is a little like a dad trying to pick which of his children he’s proudest of.

5-What’s next for AVICII, new release, goals, plans, collaborations, etc?

I’m working on a couple of things, so stay tuned for new releases. I’m hoping I’ll be doing what I’m doing right now for a long time ahead. i love the mix between being on tour and being in the studio. My manager won’t let me say too much, but we’re ending our big world tour in early January, but before then we’re doing gigs in South America, Australia, Asia, North America and Europe! After that it’s vacation and lots of studio time.

For more on Avicii,


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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW brought to you by Living Fash

From Austin City Limits Festival 2012.

Electro House Music pumped the crowds into the euphoria. Young souls merged in the dark night to experience the mixing of tracks by Tim Berling better known as AVICII.