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Hairy Situation: PLASTICTOKYO backstage

Hairy Situation: PLASTICTOKYO backstage

PlasticTokyo is a very young and vibrant brand. Every show has a feel of success to it. For many people the innovative ways of presenting the collection are always seen as targeted way of capturing attention at the moment and afterwards.  The truth is that for whatever reason, we can’t stop thinking and talking about the show way after it’s done.

Backstage at Yasutoshi Ezumi SS16

Dramatic Heights


The inspiration for the runway look for designer Pinghe was all about the height, the starting point was pretty flat shoes and the hair needed height.


Color banding in white and drastic heights


Color banding in black with a very salient hair top.


The final touch was the color banding, sprayed lines acrossed the hair section. Take a look at international creative director for Tony & Guy, Bill Watson.




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