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Martine Rose

Martine Rose

Originally beginning as a Menswear shirting label, British Martine Rose showcased her debut collection of 10 shirts at Black private members club in Soho 2007.
Catching the eye of Lulu Kennedy of Fashion East, who subsequently supported her for the an installation at the first Menswear day on the London Fashion Week schedule, Martine Rose has grown and developed from first debuting her first catwalk collections as part of Fashion East, through to the gaining the British Fashion council sponsored NewGen Award.

Martine Rose went on to show her SS13 collection at the first London Collections: Mens show and has received press attention across the globe as well as picking up stockists in the US, Europe and Asia. Martine Rose has previously collaborated with heavy weights such as Wallpaper Magazine, Timberland, Ligne Roset and CAT.

Now in her 5th year and having recently shown her AW13 collection at the Hospital Club in London, Martine Rose is proud announce her collaboration with Boutique Department store Browns.

Martine Rose works closely with some of fashions brightest stars, Max Pearmain editor and chief of Arena Homme Plus, Tyrone Lebon and Poppy Bartlett who co designed and built the set for her AW13 presentation.

Alex Mattson

Zoe Jordan

Her style focuses on clean lines, fresh palettes and elegance.

Integral to the collection is the art of contrasts: balancing the androgynous with the feminine; the structured with the effortless; and the classical with the modern.

Luxurious fabrics are sourced from the finest European mills and leather details are threaded through out. Like the collection, the Zoë Jordan girl embodies subtle sophistication with natural confidence, wit and spirit.

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Xander Zhou

Xander Zhou

Xander Zhou

DESIGNER NAME: Xander Zhou (aka 周翔宇)

BACKGROUND: Xander studied industrial design in China and fashion design in the Netherlands. He established his label in 2007 and is based in Beijing.

SIGNATURES: “Deconstructionism, playing with form and function, using unconventional materials, taking everyday elements out of context… It’s elegance but not slick.”

TRADEMARK PIECES: “Trench coats and pyjamas.


IDEAL CLIENT: “Whoever digs my designs. People of all ages and identities have bought my ‘young menswear’. Who knows, maybe some weren’t even human? ;-)”

Todd Lynn

Todd Lynn


BACKGROUND: Born in Canada, Todd graduated from the Central Saint Martins MA and has previously worked with Roland Mouret.

SIGNATURES: “Razor-sharp, androgynous tailoring.”

TRADEMARK PIECE: Best know for his tailoring, Todd’s designs also feature “a considerable amount of fur and leather for good measure.”

IDEAL CLIENT: “Fearless with a heart full of rock’n’roll.”

THE COLLECTION: “Bad girls in history like Hell-Cat Maggie, Sadie Farrell and Annie Walsh from the Five Points district of 19th century New York.”

CULTURAL INFLUENCES: “Music is a big influence in everything I do. My entire day has a soundtrack as should every moment in your life. The clothes you wear compliment your life’s soundtrack.”

Simone Rocha


BACKGROUND: In 2008, Simone completed her BA in fashion from The National College of Art & Design in Dublin. She graduated from her MA at Central Saint Martins in 2010.

“Modern and strong yet romantic.”

TRADEMARK PIECE: “The floating perspex brogue.”

IDEAL CLIENT: “A woman who wants to wear beautiful things.”

THE COLLECTION: “My grandmother.”

CULTURAL INFLUENCES: “I’m listening to Patsy Cline, Inc. and the BBC world service. I’m also inspired by photographs by Jacob Lillis and The Hour.”

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Peter Pilotto

Peter Pilotto

BACKGROUND: Pilotto is half-Austrian, half-Italian and De Vos is half-Belgian, half-Peruvian. The designers met whilst studying at Antwerp’s Royal Academy of Fine Arts in the year 2000.

SIGNATURES: Peter Pilotto’s vision of womenswear embraces both new and classic perspectives on elegance. Otherworldly prints combine with soft, sculptural shapes to form the handwriting of the design duo, something which evolves and is explored each season as opposed to being reactionary.

IDEAL CLIENT: “She is beyond pure classification of age or style, just like the clothes themselves.”

TRADEMARK PIECE: “Thought-through print placements.”

Phoebe English



Phoebe English is a luxury Womenswear label creating garments with an attention to precision and beauty. Labored construction forms the centre of the design ethos, which embraces an uncompromising attention to finishing and textiles. The design process begins with sampling and is focused on handwork and engineered surfaces. This attention to ‘surface’ is a key aspect of the design process and largely informs how a garment interacts with the movement of the female body. Through the resurrection of lost, forgotten or little-used techniques, Phoebe English hopes to raise an awareness and respect for construction rather than decoration and thus bring a new dimension to young London design.



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Oliver Spencer

DESIGNER NAME: Oliver Spencer

ORIGIN: Coventry, England

SIGNATURES: “Luxury artisan.”

TRADEMARK PIECE: “The Lookout Coat.”

IDEAL CLIENT: “A creative who is independently minded and eclectic.

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