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S/S 2014 Collection ‘Frida’

Designer Veronica Basharatyan created the collection inspired by Mexican surrealist painter Frida Kahlo work, pain and passion . The inspiration is reflected in the color palette and the silhouettes referencing to Frida’s uncompromising depiction of the female experience form.

In the runway we see layers of delectable silk chiffons in both vivid and pastel colours. Intriguing prints and embellishments that attract our attention and don’t let go. From the sophisticated retro hair to the subtle finishes on the nails and make up. The all too famous enhanced brow or almost uni-brow worn by Frida Kahlo.

fridaFrida Kahlo painting


Basharatyan SS14 LFW

Luxurious silks and soft palettes complementing the concept. Intricate patterns adorn the flowing silk chiffons as the wind flows through the seams of the gowns. Low back cuts, are present in the myriad of creative visual alchemy. A femenine approach with a strong protagonist as it’s muse. A woman who is not affraid of color, who can wear the most constricted suit but chooses to wear the joy of confidence and elegance without sacrificing style.

Basharatyan's low cut back dress ss14

Sleek and long lines, body hugging dress with low cut back opening.

Basharatyan clutch bag close up SS14, LFW

Signature knit in vibrant colors from S/S 14 ‘Frida’ Collection.| image Livingfash Media 2013

Her signature piece ‘ribbon knit’ was found this season in a charming range of clutch bags.

Basharatyan 9

sculptured sillouttes, form filling, curve hugging knee length dresses with a flowing see through chiffon top in neutral tones.

Basharatyan brand is based in conceptual creativity, research technique, unique fabrics and original shapes and prints.

designer Veronica Basharatyan

Designer Veronica Basharatyan. | Livingfash Media.

Enjoy images from the catwalk S/S 2014 ‘Frida ‘Collection

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Anna K

Anna K

Anna K

Anna Kolomoets a conceptual woman swear designer creating garments and accessories for fashion-loving modern women.

Her new collection is filled with romance and feminity. It includes natural light fabric, white silk and organza. A wide variety of dresses for every occasion. Among the collection we find Anna K collaboration with Proskurovska in the accessories department. Their joint effort gave us the transparent bags seen below.

inspiration for the collection was the young lady character in “Tender is the Night” novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald. In Anna’s collection, the main character us a young girl ready to fall in love.

The Fast Mark!

Mark makes the mark, again…

mark1 3

Acid Flashback?!?!?!!!!!

Trance, youth, energy, dance, looong nights pretty much sums up the collection.

Canadian born, London based designer.

He is the only one that can bring back crochet and knitting from your grandma’s attict and make it look good again. He brings the craft out of the extinction list and puts it on the map of dirty, wanderlust, pleasure seeking creatures partying through the night.



His protagonist are strong fermales unaffraid of looking fierce and enjoying the night.

mark3 1

Sublte is for others, his curve hugging cobwebs showcase every inch of their body without reservation.

mark1 1

Only those without fear need to apply.

Live the night, enjoy the day, should be his motto,his designs capture endless energy. Only he can take models transform their sculputre perfection into raw beauty emanating creatures. His collection is Wild!, his voice is loud even when he’s not speaking. Love it or hate it, but Mark Fast is a force in the fashion world.

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Lets start with Mr. Start

Lets start with Mr. Start

Mr. Start AW13


Mr StartIMG 62712

Classicism at its best!


Mr StartIMG 62764


Accesories for a well prepared gentleman.

Mr StartIMG 63019

Turtle neck still in the game.

Mr StartIMG 62927

Never unprepared, always looking the best.

Mr StartIMG 62835

A look to warm you up, nice coat and carry on case. Ready to go.

The Rocha Effect!

The Rocha Effect!

One of the fashion editor’s personal favorites has always been John Rocha’s collection.

Granted, she probably dreams of wearing head to toe Rocha’s assembles but would not say it publicly, so here I am stating it for a fact. Our fashion editor is a Big fan of Rocha, just in case someone had any doubts.

John RochaAN4I11191



A dream dress, totally made out of textile flowers, the subtle A line dress is a show on its own.

John RochaAN4I11302

A very definite look for a sophisticated lady. I love noir!

John RochaAN4I12034

ok, a less somber look, salmon coat with a still mysterious glaze, i mean glare.


With a very delicate ensamble we conclude our devotion of the always amazing runway coverage of John Rocha, or as our fashion editor calls him, ‘ The Oracle of Fashion’


Seeing Red

Jasper Conrad A/W 13

Seeing Red is not always bad. Red is passion and it’s also a very good tone to set the mood for a fashion show.

Jasper ConradAN4I05042

Elegant dark and sophisticated look.

Jasper ConradAN4I05383


The layer effect is present in this assemble.

Jasper ConradAN4I06294

Feminine and simple lines sum up this look.

Jasper ConradAN4I06695

An outfit with a glimpse of another era, the subtle touch of elegance pinpoint the vibrant hues.

Jasper ConradAN4I07267

Mustard yellow to bring out the playfulness and the lack of a dull moment. This color should be in trend very soon!


MingPin Tien: abstract concept based design.

fashin Scout


At Livingfash we had admired the work of fashion designer MingPin for a while. We first saw his collection SS13 at the prestigious Fashion Scout. Since then we set up to find out more about the man behind the brand and we wouldn’t stop until we got this exclusive interview for all of you out there wanting to know more about the individual and his personal perspective.


Hi MingPin, thanks for taking the time to chat with us, we know how busy you are with the design for the next collection. Could you tell us a little bit about yourself and your work.

How did you first get started in the fashion world? Do you have a key moment when you realized fashion is what you wanted to do?

I started my life in fashion when I enrolled in Shih Cheng University in Taipei, Taiwan at 2003. I was definitely not the person who is so keen on fashion design and sees being a fashion designer as the only option. Yet I decided to be a fashion designer while I had my first job as a visual merchandiser. Although it was also a creative role, I didn’t feel fully satisfied and I knew it was the time to really step forward. That was the main reason why I quitted my job, came to London for my MA degree, as well as to find more opportunities within a market with bigger capacity.

What are the current challenges for you and your brand?

Funding has always been a major task for any new designer to overcome and sometimes you need to step back a little and compromise in order to deliver the best within the limited budget. It has been very different from being a student, yet I think it is something I need to learn to deal with if I wish to stay in this industry.

Where do you draw inspiration from, anything in particular?

The concepts I have come up with for each collection are generally quite vague and abstract that I think it is because of my Asian background. I wish my design is something people can somehow feel related with and that’s why I love the idea of things like time, love, emotions that are more difficult to give a clear definition to.

Who do you consider to be the most inspiring person for you and why?

It is a difficult question for me to answer since I don’t have my “favorite” list of anything. Yet when it comes to people, I like people that have their own stories. From my personal point of view, I appreciate all the dramas happened in my life so far and I also enjoy discovering other people’s stories that made them who they are now.

What would you be if you were not a fashion designer, will you be part of the fashion industry at some level or something completely out of it.

I think I might become a psychologist if I had never involved in fashion since I am genuinely fascinated by how human mind works.

How is the typical day in your life?

Work! Work! Work!

I normally wake up at 8:30am and start working from 9am to 5pm. Then I will have my daily walk before dinner. It is the only time in a day that I actually can be alone and think through things. That’s what happened when my workaholic mode is fully turned on. But I can also be very laid back and extremely lazy when I determine to have my break!

What was something you learned at your first internship or job that you’ll never forget?

I would say that I learned how to work with people better and truly become a team player when I had my first job. I transformed to a better way and learned how to communicate with my employer more efficient, smoother and calmer yet still keep my edges when it comes to creativity.

How do you relax after a long stressful day?

I like to take a long walk to Waitrose to do a bit grocery shopping when the weather is not too bad. Otherwise, I would take a shower, stay in bed, eating snacks and watching cartoon.

Many thanks to MinPing and his fabulous team for taking the time to anwer our questions, we always want to show the personal view from the talented and amazing people in the fashion world.

For more on MinPing’s collection, please visit:



Interview for DMAG – Felipe Rojas Llanos: Futurista & Perdurable

Interview for DMAG – Felipe Rojas Llanos: Futurista & Perdurable

Interview for DMAG – Felipe Rojas Llanos: Futurista & Perdurable

by Liz Pedraza

Felipe by Kirill Kuletski

Felipe by Kirill Kuletski || Image Credit http://www.kuletski.com

1-When did you first become interested in Fashion, do you recall a moment in time when you thought, this is what I want to do for the rest of my life?

I became interested in fashion and started considering it as something I might wanna do after I saw the work of Hussein Chalayan in an exhibition called Radical Fashion that was showcasing the most unique designers at the time in London,I think it was back in 2002? So in a way Mr Chalayan inspired me to this path, but it wasn’t until I created my graduate collection The Little

Prince goes to the Opera in 2008 that I realised that this was what I wanted to dedicate myself to.

2- Do you think the juxtaposition of the Latin American roots and the Swedish upbringing shaped or influenced your aesthetic views, if so how.

I really do, I think growing up in Sweden with a latin background and coming home to a latin house hold made me see things differently and in a way absorb the best of both cultures, I am incredibly proud of my heritage I have native indian blood from my fathers side and spanish and german blood from my mothers side, but I think growing up in Sweden with it’s purity and calmness really shaped my mind and my minimal approach to creating,while my latin side makes me take risks and attract myself to beautiful vibrant colours.
I think like most people I have a crazy and calm side constantly struggling to get out, I think this reflect to my background, but like any latin person I am very close to my family

3- In the extremely competitive business of fashion what challenges you the most?

The business side of it, the designing and the creating process is the reason I do it for so that comes naturally, sponsorship and budgeting and cost pricing is what is a challenge for me to do,mostly because it bores me, but you gotta do the boring part too because the fashion business is a business and hopefully I am getting better at it every season.

4- We read/heard you draw inspiration from many different things, such as graphic novels, ballet, movie or even a phrase on a song. What inspired you in your last collection “Untitled”?

My Untitled 6 collection was made with a different approach in mind, normally I create a collection inspired by a mood from a film or a character or a story, but due to me living in London and we having such awful weather I started creating the collection with the question in mind What should I wear ? while leaving my flat something that will be good in the rain or if the sun comes out? so I started creating garments in mind that would be varsity in the everchanging weather, so it was more about the silhouettes and fabrics that I based on some of my favourite cuts.

5- What part has the duality of hot/cold, Chile/Sweden, ying/yang played in your life as a designer and creator?

Ha ha it’s the base of who I am, it has defined who I am and how I create, my brain is in constant chaos but at the same time I am very calmed about it and it help me create.

6- The film for the latest collection “Untitled” it’s very interesting in the fact that it’s only nature and men, there are no gimmicks no extravaganza or anything else almost like coming back to basics in a very artistic way. Did you have any input on it?

I worked very close with my friend Jo Hudson who is a very talented film-maker to get across the mood of what I am trying to create with my brand, we wanted to create a beautiful melancholic mood, the artistic vision was Jo’s she captured the mood of what I want my collection to be perceived as perfectly, I am very pleased with it.

7- Your designs have been called luxurious yet wearable, are you fine with that or are you gearing towards more couture designs in the future?

I want people to want to wear my clothes mainly due to their aesthetic and comfort,I think it’s important that they feel comfortable otherwise next time you pick your outfit you’ll hesitate the 2nd time and 3rd time around and since in the end we wear only 10 % of our wardrobe I want my garments to fit into that percentage that’s what I aspire to create as well as a garment that is unlike anything out there, that’s where my influence of couture comes in,so yes I am moving toward more couture designs but without losing the comfort factor. That’s one of the challenges but if it isn’t challengeing then what would be the point.

8- How would you like to define your style?

Romantic, flamboyant, melancholic, I keep getting told it has a futuristic touch, I’d like to think it’s timeless.

9- We know you worked through your MA studies, you partied and did the work all at the same time. How did you keep it together and still be on top, any motivation or pure perseverance?

I am a firm believer of work hard and play hard,always have been, I have always been told by my tutors and professors not to forget to have fun as well and that once the degree is over you’d be thrown to reality outside so I think it’s important to keep in mind that it will end, we all put so much effort on the CSM MA it’s really hard not to feel like you lose a buddy once it’s over, you realize it became your second home,I had to work could not afford to live in London otherwise, so it was not an option and even though sometimes it was really hard to balance I found working helped me focus on what I needed to do and edit my work more rapidly so in a way it really helped me to become faster because I didn’t have the luxury of time.

10- What’s your most worthy possession and why?

I would say my Cather In the Rye book or my iPod, just because whenever I feel lost or am down I start re reading it, it comforts me of what’s important and I can’t live without music it inspire me on an every day basis, I recently had to move and got rid of a so much stuff,it really sets you free to get rid of things you hold onto,they are just things,it’s just and Illusions to find attachment not reality.

11-Have you thought about incorporating your drawing into the fabrics and make it like a wearable graphic novel.

I have and have custom made a couple of t-shirts of my characters to a friend who was obsessed with one of them, I am actually thinking of screen printing a couple this upcoming season,but it will be more Illustrative then actual character drawings or comic strips.

12-Anything you want to tell your fans and share with us?

I’ll share my favourite quote, Good clothes like any form of fine art, were always greeted with ridicule when they were brought into the open Rachel West 1925 I think it gives a positive view to anyone insecure of what they are creating.

For Felipe’s Collection, visit: http://rojasllanos.com

Untitled 88 from Felipe Rojas Llanos on Vimeo.