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Copenhagen Fashion Week Puts Spotlight on Talents-Jean Phillip

Assertive, self-driven and innovative is the fashion concept presented by designer Jean Phillip.  In a long forest green robe and multi- color pants the model walked the runway with a strong look, a fierce determination and a sequence of looks followed.

jeanphillip designer Copenhagen fashion week Another set with the same prints in a black canvas as background.  Slacks and pants on black fabric served as complement to the blue and grey print that made the collection cohesive.

Shorts and sleeveless shirts added the summer look for the season.

A vibrant color set the mood for the occasion.  The tones were a combination between subtle monochromatic and a serene blue tone permeated the collection.

The choice of long open robe was very interesting, it remind us or a  rōnin  浪人 a wandering man or a  a samurai who had no master.

More subtle and neutral tones.


A monochromatic twist was next. jeanphillip_012_small_600


Signature style, minimalist, edgy and slim cut.

For more on Jean Phillip, visit All images courtesy of Copenhagen Fashion Week

Interview with Manuel Diaz

We first saw Manuel Diaz designs while surfing the web, it was one image in particular that captured our attention and provoked our curiosity to find out more about the designer.

As we continued searching for more information on him, we discovered an array of designs so unique and bespoke that we knew we needed to find ‘Manuel Diaz’ and ask him a few questions for the rest of the world to get a better view of his original creations and possibly to get an insight into his world.  
First of all tell us how did your adventure in the world of fashion, did you always want to become a fashion designer?

MD: No, I never wanted to be a fashion designer, it was until I went to Centro, a design university  in Mexico city to ask for information about a career in design, then the person who checked me in asked me about that was it that I was interested, and without hesitation I said, “fashion design”, and that’s the story, is not that interesting.  
I’ve always envied people from small knew what they wanted to pursue.

LF: Your designs are very visual, that is vanguard and full of couture if not also unique pieces that seem to transcended the lines of reality and the many questions in our culture.
MD: Thank you very much for the compliment, but I have to clarify that I do not have that high couture preparation nor is my aim, haute couture is more than craftsmanship you can bring a piece.

LF: As you visualize your designs, as is the process by which you design these parts.
MD: My process always starts as a mostly literary research on the issues I find important at the time.

LF: There have been some point in particular that has inspired you / affected to design?
MD: depressive emotional crises.

LF: How has the fact of being Mexican influenced in your collection? I say this because of  the recent video ‘Reinas del Narco’
MD: Of course, whether you believe on not, we can not deny that drug trafficking is a fundamental part of Mexican culture.

LF: In your own words describe your collection / style.
MD: It would be very pretentious on my part to describe my own style, as that should be found and developed over time. I like complex and beautifully structured pieces. Mainly what I seek is currently the experimentation through artisanal work with unusual synthetic materials.
I like complex and beautifully structured pieces
LF: Tell us about your latest collaborations.
MD: More than a collaboration it was a publication, I am represented by Lewis and Leigh PR in London and they are in charged of most publications and collaborations. For now I find myself one hundred percent focused on my next collection.
LF:  Are you currently in Mexico and are you preparing to present your collection back home or are you thinking to go internationally ?
MD: After living and studying my career in London, UK,  I am back in Mexico since just five months ago, my studio is established in the City of Mexico, but I am not showing my collection in Mexico at the moment.

LF: What real or fictional character  would you like to design for?
MD: Divine “the filthiest person alive”

LF: Is there any topic you would like to visit on your visual exploration of your designs?
MD: Demonology

LF: What challenges face you and your brand?
MD: Not being directed to a public commercial is very difficult to find the resources to finance parts, projects and / or collections.

LF: Where you can get your designs?
MD: bespoke only for the moment, info @

LF: What legacy would you like to leave in the world of fashion?
MD: Wow, I’d love to become a household name in the history of fashion.

LF: Who would you like to wear your clothes, or who you would like to design for?
MD: Sheikha Mozah, Daphne Guinness, Olvido Gara Java “Alaska”, Dita Von Teese and many others.

LF: What do you like and what you hate to be a designer?
MD: One of the things I like most is the research during the creative process, and what I hate being a designer is the environment within the industry.

‘LAS REINAS DEL NARCO’ from Manuel Díaz on Vimeo.

For more on Manuel, visit his FB , Tumblr, Twitter


Franzel Amsterdam is an experimental street wear label based in Amsterdam
, as you would

guess from their name and don’t be fooled by the experimental definition. Eric Franzel is the designer and the AW15 collection is a reconstruction, reconfiguration, re-worked or repurpose of other garments into something new. You would notice I did not use recycle as one of the verbs to describe this collection, because this goes beyond that.

Eric has totally evolved beyond the experimental stage and has shown us that you can create fashion from any garment.


Franzel Amsterdam Street wear collection





The collection is an assortment of fabrics from tents, carpets, kakis, curtains and other garments used to create something unique in the street wear look.

You can find out more about the designer at www.FRANZELAMSTERDAM.COM