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The making of the dress | Ralph & Russo

The making of the dress | Ralph & Russo

Often we see the final product on the runway.  We all admire the fabric draping and flowing freely but rarely we stop to notice the small details and the construction process involved.

In a rare opportunity, we offer you the images of what goes on behind the making of the dress.  Ralph & Russo Couture

The garment on the dressmaker form.

Carefully pinning the fabric.

Embroidery work done to perfection.

Flower making and dress fitting.

Beautiful dresses in pastels, salmon, pink, and violet.

Ralph & Russo SS16 40_small_600

Ralph & Russo SS16 39_small_600

Ralph & Russo SS16 37_small_600

Image credit: Ralph & Russo

Encuentros de Couture | Antonio Ortega 2016

Encuentros de Couture | Antonio Ortega 2016

The 2016 collection was titled ENCOUNTERS-RECONTRES

Audacity, humanity and creativity are the qualities used to tell a story.. The Couture story of Antonio Ortega, his 2016 collection shows the luxury of today’s world.  Now, the real luxury consists of the chance to express yourself and have the opportunity to embrace encounters.. In his case it was the chance to meet three exceptional artisans: Señora Camerina Teresa, Señora Inés both talented in the art of crochet and Veronique Loupe, talented in making lace.

The meetings evoked a childhood feeling and enable him to gain inspiration for the collection.

Subtle gray tones served as the foundation canvas for the paneling and cut-outs seen above.  The splash of color was a vivid color enhancement served as part of the accessorizing story.

Earth tones, combined with muted tones gave the collection a modernistic look.


The collection thus captures these emotions, those memories and borrows images such as a landscape in which the Earth and sky are one… A day passes, seasons, storms, a landscape of air and water, pasture and earth become successively threatening, joyful, disturbing, and calm; all is transformed over time. Antonio Ortega cuts slices of the sky to construct his clothing landscapes, blending camaïeu, shine, contrast – be it tormented or ever so slight – and chiffon, silk crepe, cotton, tweed, riveted leather, taffeta, feathers and rhinestones to form a collection for the seductive, sensuous woman.

The show stopper ..Antonio Ortega Couture 2016 collection "encounters " "rencontres " , Paris France