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Katrine K. SS 2019

Katrine K. SS 2019

New Katrine K. SS 2019 collection presents you the spirit of sensuality. With its smooth lines, weightless forms, flowing fabrics and modest glow, “l’Esprit Sensuelle” strives to underline gracefulness of feminine forms and romantic summer vibes.

Antonio Ortega-Modernist with a glimpse of the past

Couture in the Rhythm of the New Age


ituated on the Left Bank of the River Seine, the 13th arrondissement of Paris was our location for the day we photographed the series titled ‘Couture is Alive’.  A contrast between old and new.  The 13th arrondisment presented us with an opportunity to showcase the newly built business district in an area that contains many high rise apartment buildings.   

Couture Days- Paris Summer 17/18

Couture Days- Paris Summer 17/18

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Couture week is still alive and designers choose this time to showcase their collections.  For many people the idea of Couture may seem dated or snobbish but for a  segment of the population the appeal of made-to- measured gowns is still thriving. 

Luxurious Epoch by Gui Pei