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ZIN KATO Backstage-Livingfash
Hairy Situation: PLASTICTOKYO backstage

Hairy Situation: PLASTICTOKYO backstage

PlasticTokyo is a very young and vibrant brand. Every show has a feel of success to it. For many people the innovative ways of presenting the collection are always seen as targeted way of capturing attention at the moment and afterwards.  The truth is that for whatever reason, we can’t stop thinking and talking about the show way after it’s done.

Behind the scenes

More behind the scenes coverage brought to you by our amazing team in London. It’s a labor of love to cover as many shows as possible. We would love to be able to be present on each one of the shows during Fashion Week but unfortunatelly the time is never enough. Sometimes shows would start late and that add extra stess to all of us since we then have to be at a different location. Our camera team also lives with the last minute changes, sometimes, they need to arrive way before the editors so they can check lights and mark up. We arrive just in time to get to our seats and enjoy the show, but we never forget all the work that goes on before the show even starts. The Backstage Pass allow us to see what goes on before the show, the areas that most people keep away unless they absolutely have to be there such as in the case of models, make up artist, hair stylist, wardrobe stylists and assistants. Perhaps because of the secrecy and the elaboration of the entire show is put together pretty much in there.

We love to peek our lens to show you guys, all the hard work that goes on, from the looks selected for the show, the models profiles with the wardrobe that each one will be wearing down the runway. The make up being applied and the hair getting done is always one of the most interesting things on the whole process. Models get to transform into their new look, they take this serious stance and walk down the runway completely fierce and uninhibited.

Our cameras capture the trasformation process, from giggly girls to femme fatale. We love to see the artists at work, they contribute not only their talent and craft but all those years of experience under their belt. Each one of them is a force to bring in the game.

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