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Leather Luxury

In Nosakari AW15 Collection we see an addition to the signature luxury scarves line, with the introduction of additional luxury leather accessories. The leather goods collection consist of wallets, Shopper tote bag, bracelets, document folio with detachable handles that can be worn as bracelets. The brand is really interesting and the goods are all hand made in England. The monogram signature leather line is definitely luxurious and comes in variety of colors and tones that would surely complement any look you are striving for.

Nosakhari AW15 collection: document folio, Shopper tote bag, detachable bracelets and more.

For more info you can visit the brand at www.nosakhari.com

Plùs Que Ma Vìe

Oxymoron F/W 15|16

The title of Plùs Que Ma Vìe’s fall winter 2015/2016 collections is oxymoron, the collection is a reference to hometown hero and underground utopic walker. We bumped into Andre Larrazi at Tranoi Homme in Paris this past January at his booth and the collection was solid. A mixture of plaid with bold black a kind of contradiction which plays perfectly with the collections title.

Boris Bidjan Saberi

Boris Bidjan Saberi

The collection opened with Red, not just any red but blood flowing red. I did not get the chance to see the press release from the collection but if Boris was conveying a hunt, he hit the spot.

The collection was not all red, it was toned down to blacks, burgundy and tan just in case you want to look less intimidating . The look was urban, flowing with an unyielding look that was present throughout the collection.  If I need to look tough without compromising style this is the look I’ll be going for.

[ezcol_1half_end]The Collection also featured leather crafted, hats, gloves and sport inspired footwear.  There is a mix variety of styles to choose from leather jackets, wool coats, aprons, jumpsuits, mid-calf pants and hooded jackets.

Boris Bidjan Saberi AW15 Collection




KENZO Menswear collection was all about looking towards individuality, survival, protection and the functional.

We welcome the unknown with inimitable curiosity.

Layered silhouettes were seeing throughout the collection as a symbolism for warmth and security against the elements.


Waterproof nylon parkas offer utilitarian protection.  As far as colors go, dark greens, blacks, grey and burgundy were the colors for the season.  Brightness is introduced with flashes of metallic or orange.

As far as accessories, patchwork utility shoes and boots are laced together.  kitted hand warmers and beanies and drawstring totes.

All images provided courtesy of KENZO press, for more on the brand, please visit https://www.kenzo.com/en/

Serkan Cura

Designer Serkan Cura studied fashion design at the Royal Academy of Antwerp in 2007. Serkan’s graduate collection explored absurdist tone-on tone silhouettes with oversized structured jackets or full skirts,  realized in a multitude of handcrafted textures. Sermon was accepted by the Parisian fashion house Jean Paul Gaultier where he worked in the design atelier for four years.

In 2012 , he decided to create his own Parisian fashion house where exceptional techniques are being used.

The Belgian designer of Turkish origin is specialized in the unique techniques of feather appliqué where he can apply his most fantastic dreams.

In January 2014, Serkan Cura was a guest member invited by the Chamber Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne for the Haute Couture Fashion Week.

In his collection presented in Paris last Thursday 29th of January, we could see the feather appliqué technique at its best.


Also, the  asymmetrical assemble with transparency effects. Very avant garde!


Images courtesy of Totem Fashion image credit Shoji Fujii

Copenhagen AW15

Copenhagen AW15

The cold can not stop fashion and getting ready for Autumn Winter 2015 means taking a look at all the different designers proposals for the next winter while we are still embracing this current one.

First, lets take a look at designer Asger Juel Larsen.

With a bright and dark palette the colors play in harmonious new ways.  Graphic designs were used in the coat/cape, pants and shirt.  Very unique!

The fur parka made its appearance and the long grey jackets could not be absent.

Next,  Barbara I Gongini.

Her designs were a mix of deconstructed pieces put together in a way that the elements were simple but very well assembled and creating something quite unique.   The color palette was also a dark black letting skin be the complement to the design. The white and translucent  outfit was also very district. Her brand is a fashion statement.

for more on her line, please visit http://barbaraigongini.dk/home/

And last but not least, Malene Birger.

A sophisticated look for the modern business woman. Her tones were muted, brown camel, tan and grey.  The slick lines and the diversity of textures made the collection a must have for Winter.

The designers showed us their vision of Autumn Winter 2015 and we are ready to see their designs in our lifestyle.

All images provided courtesy of Copenhagen Fashion Week

Vivienne Westwood

Autumn-Winter 2015

“The easiest thing to design is our unisex knitwear- you don’t have to think of anything fancy, you can stick to a basic sweater is oversize for a woman and that makes it fashion-DIY fashion” , says Vivienne who always thinks of the social and environmental issues facing our generation.


“Buy less, choose well, make it last”


Living a dream life would be all nice and easy for anyone of us, but Vivienne choses constantly to remind us all that everything has value and things we do matter.   Her label always care to make the world a better place and this season she wanted to pay tribute to Prince Charles and the great job he’s doing.  So, what best than putting him on this season’s t-shirt which they always give to their backstage team.  ” We have adopted Prince Charles as a patron for our collection” says Vivienne.

At the end of 2014, she posted photos of heroes on the Climate Revolution website.  People who are fighting for a better world.  “One by one I will write texts for our heroes”, “Today I will do Prince Charles by way of a press release for our MAN show”, she says.

According to Vivienne, Prince Charles, Prince of Wales , has used his royal status to help the human race.  He has worked indefatigably to do good.  I am astonished by what he has achieved.  He is a visionary. We could not agree with her more.

Vivienne says, “Back in the 70s when I was a punk and fighting for human rights, the young Prince Charles was more interested in spiritual things and more aware of culture than I was and most importantly, planning his career as an organic farmer;  he already realized that we must live in harmony with the earth,  The rest of the world was instead swallowing the idea of Big Agriculture monopoly, which we now know turns earth to sand”

Prince Charles has hundreds of charities which refunds by donating the profits from produce of his organic farming and he also uses his status to fundraise.  They all put people first- in contrast to government policy, which always puts business first.  According to government policy wealth ends up with monopolies and banks: According to Charles “What’s good for people is good for the economy is good for the planet.” For more details, visit www.climaterevolution.co.uk under ‘Heroes’

“I personally agree with the message that is being conveyed.  As “Everything is Connected” our world is constantly changing and many of us may take things for granted. Perhaps, caught in the mist of things, between Fast Fashion and  Earning a living in a society that pays more attention to numbers than to actual human beings. When the bottom line revolves around profits and corporate alliances and monopolies, few and scarce are those people preoccupied about social and humanitarian causes.  Many rely on the NGOs and other entities to deliver the much needed help but when does the corporate responsibility  take into account their own well-being as part of the eco-system.  When does distancing oneself from the environment and the many things that make up our world make sense. Probably never, unless one is not from this planet because everything that happens here have great repercussions to our environment and nature.  Our rainforest, our climate our society are all interconnected. Pay attention and you see, everything matters no matter how small it is..” by Elizabeth Pedraza