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SXSW 2016| Seoulsonic
Cheer up Charlies 11/14/14

Cheer up Charlies 11/14/14

We went to Cheer up Charlies new location this past Friday the 14.   It has been a while since the last time we ventured out to cover local music but we were pleasantly surprised by the local talent.

The night started with musician Sydney Wright, a one woman show from Snyder Texas.  She was not only very original with her lyrics that more than once remind us of multitude of break ups, much a la ‘Taylor Swift’  but with a closer to home authentic feel.


Less pop more soul.


Latter, a more heavy music set by Shrines.


Slomo Drags self described as ‘equal parts pop gold and noisy guitar irrelevance’ with their catchy sounds kept us alive and dancing. For more on them, check Slomo





Danny’s Speeddreamer release album was the occasion for the gathering and the place was packed. We would have missed Danny’s performance had we not planned right, feeding the parking meter in between acts counts as a work out/speed walk/race against the clock.

Self-produced record, said to be recorded in isolation with one mic and a 4-track cassette recorder, the production was a raw mix of acoustics and soul searching lyrics.


For more on Danny, Website

or listen to Music


SXSW is back

SXSW 2013 is here and we are ready to bring you the best that Austin has to offer.

Welcome back fellow citizens of the world. The City of Austin welcomes you and we hope you enjoy your ”short” stay. The Festival is a 2 week long event filled to the rim with music acts and the film part of it. The industry says it’s a god thing for up and coming film makers and for already established movie houses, they get to show the films with a pre-selected crowd. By that I mean, only those with badges or wristbands will get access to most of the showcase events.

Locals and people without $1595 for a platinum badge or the music portion at a mere $795 would be out of luck. Well, if you’re not flowing on cash or don’t own a cash tree then maybe you can perhaps get some of the “Free” events. There are a few of those scatered around town, you must RSVP to make sure you get in, there are lines, lines and lines. Plenty of waiting and if you’re optimistic as myself perhaps some fun.

Remember that parking Downtown Austin will be living hell, so I suggest to take the bus or better yet the rail train to downtown and walk to whatever you’re able to get in. The central streets are blocked so if you’re not feeling like looking to each side of the road before crossing, you will be fine. At least for this time of the year, but remeber you’ll get tired of the walking and those pedicabs can be pricy, so just plan your evening and remeber to always have fun.

Pictures of our adventures to come soon. Still trying to convince myself of living the peace of my sanctuary to go there. Oh, man.. I hope I survive another SXSW.

Here are some of the Free things i mentioned earlier, feel free to RSVP.


sxsw22 sxsw34 sxsw37 sxsw33 sxsw35


No time to spare..

No time to spare..

No time to spare..

Spring is finally here and SXSW blew through Austin so fast I almost missed it. I did take the time to head down to sixth street and took some snaps.

Down the Alley


Dreads keeps you grounded..


Between shows.. Down time is always around the corner.


Food in a pot.


IFC.. Drinks between stops.


Captain Morgan show..


Coffee break and getting the shows lineup.


Some Street entertainment from Mr. Bonetango


Now He’s got the crowd going.


Fastest way around downtown.



Vader made it down..


I made it to my stop..

rail stop

E.A.S.T. 2012

Every year the East Austin Studio Tour happens around the middle of November. This year the fu has been extended an extra week, so we all get to see as many Artist, Studios, Exhibitions and Happenings all around East Austin. A comprehensive map with the locations has been provided along with the info on the website for all the people wanting to map their routes. So many events and shows all over the east part of the city makes it difficult to coordinate which ones to attend; of course we want to attend as many as possible but even if we try it would be an impossible task to go to all.

Last weekend we attended Pump Project at Shady Lane and 405 Springdale Road Blacksmith Industries as well as one of our favorite spots, 777 Shady Ln #7 Susannah Blanton. We really enjoy Jean Rather’s conversation about her pieces. I was very taken by one with a very distinct coloring, it attracted my attention from across the gallery, that’s how you know when a painting is good, it calls you and grabs you to take a closer look. We also bump into Shota, from sydfurniture.com he’s a fabulous furniture maker. His piece was not only aesthetically pleasing but also very well planed. His use of straight lines and clean workmanship is ideal for a zen/modern home. Below are some images from the tour. Hopefully this coming weekend we get to see more of this year’s E.A.S.T tour.

Images by Akin Abayomi


First Thurdays

First Thurdays

Every first Thurday of the month, there is a gathering of vendors around South Congress Ave. in South Austin. This is a great time to head down there and enjoy the cool atmosphere, there is usually music and something for every age old and yound to do and see little of the weirdness and laid back attitude that Austin has to offer. It also gives you a chance to experience some great food, music and arts and crafts.

Check the link for additional info. http://www.firstthursday.info/


Fire spinning on film /image credit Akin ©akinabayomi.com


Blanton Museum

Blanton Museum

Every Third Thursday of the month, the Blanton museum at Austin UT campus has its free night with multiple activities . One of them is Yoga in the Galleries. I try to make it a habit to get myself down there but I’ve failed miserably lately.

Just to be clear, I meant get myself to the museum not the yoga class. I really enjoy going to the Blanton whenever I can fit this into my schedule. They also curate works from other museums and the Blanton also has a revolving collection of their own, the works range from Classic art to Modern collection. Cameras are allowed in the permanent collection but no flash. I usually carry around my Hasselblad 530CW when I do make it there. Here are some of the familiar scenes from the Museum.

Aug 18,2011

Blanton Museum

Austin, Texas

Blanton Museum


The second and third week of November is usually a time I look forward to in Austin. This is when the East AUSTIN Studio Tours “E.A.S.T” occurs.

I get the chance to see more of the Austin art community, everything from painters, sculptures, woodworkers and glass blowers. The tour is really well organized and it gives me the chance to see more of the east Austin Architecture also. East Austin has really changed over the years but it seems to have really taken off something in 2005, that was when most of the gentrification was at it full force. I kind of remember this because I also bought a place then but because of the commute I had a change of heart.

Anyways, the tour is really enjoyable and I can’t wait for this year to kickoff.

Check out the site for additional info on the many places to visit..http://www.eastaustinstudiotour.com/#

Here are some snaps from Sunday.