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A trip to Marfa Texas, a creative oasis and artist wonderland.

A trip to Marfa wonderland


retty sure you have heard about Marfa, Texas by now.  If not, let me tell you why you should stop by there if you have a chance.  Well, Texas it’s a huge state and Marfa is far from the capital but well worth your time and drive.

Marfa Texas became an art cultural center for contemporary artists and artisans after one of the pioneers Donald Judd made it his residence as an antidote to the hectic New York life.  Located on highway 90 about 3 hours drive from El Paso, Texas, this isolated little stretch of land attracts the inquisitive and creative minds.

West Austin Studio Tour 2013

Cada año vamos para el East Austin Studio Tour, se lleva a cabo en el Este de la ciudad, al cruzar el intersate highway 35. Ahi se puede encontrar uno con toda clase de medio, arte, esculptura, etc. Este fin de semana pasado, el 27-28 de Abril se llevo a cabo el West Austin Studio Tour, esta fue nuestra primera vez en precenciar este evento.

La verdad es que es muy interesante el contraste de la poblacion artistica en Austin. Pareciera que los artistas emergentes viven o trabajan en el lado este de la ciudad. Si, uno puede ver que hay “ARTE” en todas partes, pero a mi me parecio un poco mas tradicional y consolisado la demografica de los artistas en el West. Pareciera que ellos son un poco mas hobbyst y con mas influencia material, por eso yo defino el Este de la ciudad como un poco mas novedoso, emergente y con gran potencial.

El West tour estuvo interesante, pero para mi gusto personal estaba muy conservativo, ya que habia desde gallerias de arte, museo y artistas con mas dinero que arte. Bueno, pero para que les platico, mejor dense una vuleta por el tour este fin de semana. Los mapas son gratis en las bibliotecas publicas de la ciudad de Austin.



E.A.S.T. 2012

Every year the East Austin Studio Tour happens around the middle of November. This year the fu has been extended an extra week, so we all get to see as many Artist, Studios, Exhibitions and Happenings all around East Austin. A comprehensive map with the locations has been provided along with the info on the website for all the people wanting to map their routes. So many events and shows all over the east part of the city makes it difficult to coordinate which ones to attend; of course we want to attend as many as possible but even if we try it would be an impossible task to go to all.

Last weekend we attended Pump Project at Shady Lane and 405 Springdale Road Blacksmith Industries as well as one of our favorite spots, 777 Shady Ln #7 Susannah Blanton. We really enjoy Jean Rather’s conversation about her pieces. I was very taken by one with a very distinct coloring, it attracted my attention from across the gallery, that’s how you know when a painting is good, it calls you and grabs you to take a closer look. We also bump into Shota, from he’s a fabulous furniture maker. His piece was not only aesthetically pleasing but also very well planed. His use of straight lines and clean workmanship is ideal for a zen/modern home. Below are some images from the tour. Hopefully this coming weekend we get to see more of this year’s E.A.S.T tour.

Images by Akin Abayomi



The second and third week of November is usually a time I look forward to in Austin. This is when the East AUSTIN Studio Tours “E.A.S.T” occurs.

I get the chance to see more of the Austin art community, everything from painters, sculptures, woodworkers and glass blowers. The tour is really well organized and it gives me the chance to see more of the east Austin Architecture also. East Austin has really changed over the years but it seems to have really taken off something in 2005, that was when most of the gentrification was at it full force. I kind of remember this because I also bought a place then but because of the commute I had a change of heart.

Anyways, the tour is really enjoyable and I can’t wait for this year to kickoff.

Check out the site for additional info on the many places to visit..

Here are some snaps from Sunday.