SXSW is back

SXSW 2013 is here and we are ready to bring you the best that Austin has to offer.

Welcome back fellow citizens of the world. The City of Austin welcomes you and we hope you enjoy your ”short” stay. The Festival is a 2 week long event filled to the rim with music acts and the film part of it. The industry says it’s a god thing for up and coming film makers and for already established movie houses, they get to show the films with a pre-selected crowd. By that I mean, only those with badges or wristbands will get access to most of the showcase events.

Locals and people without $1595 for a platinum badge or the music portion at a mere $795 would be out of luck. Well, if you’re not flowing on cash or don’t own a cash tree then maybe you can perhaps get some of the “Free” events. There are a few of those scatered around town, you must RSVP to make sure you get in, there are lines, lines and lines. Plenty of waiting and if you’re optimistic as myself perhaps some fun.

Remember that parking Downtown Austin will be living hell, so I suggest to take the bus or better yet the rail train to downtown and walk to whatever you’re able to get in. The central streets are blocked so if you’re not feeling like looking to each side of the road before crossing, you will be fine. At least for this time of the year, but remeber you’ll get tired of the walking and those pedicabs can be pricy, so just plan your evening and remeber to always have fun.

Pictures of our adventures to come soon. Still trying to convince myself of living the peace of my sanctuary to go there. Oh, man.. I hope I survive another SXSW.

Here are some of the Free things i mentioned earlier, feel free to RSVP.

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