SXSW Fest 2012

Things are very interesting during SXSW Fest in Austin, Texas. There are fashion shows, music performances and public performances on the streets near the convention center. The streets downtown are blocked to allow people to walk from venue to venue. It’s usually a pretty neat event, except for the parking situation. This year I decided to take advantage of the rail system in town and rode the train to the convention center, right at the heart of the madness.

Awesome!!, I skipped the mad drivers and the outrageous parking wars. Well, I arrived just in time to catch a fashion show and then many street performances and what not. The vendors are always interesting too, many come from different parts of the country so the goods are so cool.

Below are some images from a Fashion show we got to see as soon as we arrived to the epicenter, Convention Center. There the vendors were getting ready to leave for the day, many were still hanging out for the show but the mayority were wrapping things up for the next day as this was just the end for the sales.

The show was pretty interesting in the fact that they used local talent and musicians to collaborate on the presentation of the clothes. It’s fascinating how the Austin vibe is all so alive duing these events, and the apparel and music fields can combine to produce an event like this.