Squirrel Raid!

I have been growing some organic peaches in my backyard.

Every day I water the plants and fruit trees and see how much bigger they get. Early this morning I saw the peaches finally changed color. They seem like they’re ready to be harvested. Well, I couldn’t be happier to go out with my little basket and harvest my hopefully delicious peaches.

What was my surprise?.. well, the friendly resident squirrel had gotten some help from the rest of the neighborhood squirrels and they were all too busy raiding my peaches…

Granted, I love all animals and I couldn’t ever harm a squirrel but I just had to take these photos to remind myself of the time when they collaborated to raid my fruit tree. I had never seen that many squirrels together. I often see, two or three max but this time it was like the party was at my house. I guess, I showed up too late.. At least, I managed to still get a good bucket full of peaches. I’m now eating some fresh peaches with my breakfast and probably later on make a peach pie.

It’s always fun seeing the antics the squirrels pull. Last year they raided my neighbor’s pecan tree and we dindn’t get a pecan pie as usual but instead a slimmer banana bread loaf. Below are some images from the fantastic job these tiny squirrels did raiding the peaches.

squirrel raid

Female squirrel surprised by the camera.. Busted!!!

squirrel raid 2

Squirrel looking out for other squirrel members, about to signal the place to mingle and raid for the day.

squirrel raid 1

Juvenile male squirrel running away with his share of the crop.. Many more squirrels were taking peaches, no squirrels were harmed in the process of taking these images. More peaches will be produced next year, stay tuned for more adventures from the backyard.