Space Capone Interview

From the classic R&B to the energetic funk comes a music phenomenom called Space Capone. The 70’s funk/R&B/ soul and more energy than e teenager on 3 cans of Redbull sums up this funky vibes from this music group. One can not help but dance or a least attempt to during the performance of their latest tunes. We were lucky to catch up their performance at ACL (Austin City Limits) Fest in Texas and knowing the guys would be a hit we secured an interview before hand, just to make sure we cover this new breed of young musicians bringing the funk back to the table


How did you get into music?

Space Capone– Through the church. I was fortunate enough to play in a traveling church band at a young age.

Where does the name SpaceCapone comes from?

SC– It came to me in a dream. Or what I supposed to have been one. The name was inmy head when I woke up one morning.

What countiy(ies) would you like to tour next?

SC: UK, Germany and Japan.

What inspires you to create?

SC-Others who have done it before me.All of my predecessors who did it better or simpler. Als, the creative process is a very ethereal thing. Almost like a drug. There are moments in writing a song where you feel someone or something else has a hand in it as week. That moment inspires me to search for it over and over.

What album,song puts you in a good mood not matter what?

SC-”On your face off the Spirit album by Earth Wind and Fire.

What is your favorite movie?

SC-”Bottle Rocket.”

What’s next for Space Capone?

Space Capone- We’ve been fortunate enough to perform at Bonaroo,CMJ,Hangout,SXSW, Summerfest and now ACL. I’d like to keep the ball rolling in that direction and hopefull become somewhat of a mainstay in the festival market.

Space Capone Interview 2012 images be ©Akin Abayomi