Sonambulo at ACL

Sonambulo | Image courtesy of Akin ©

Sonambulo means Sleepwalker and we covered the group’s performance on Zilker stage on Saturday the 13th at 2:30. The audience loved their “psico-tropical” rhtyms, a fusion of traditional African and modern Latin American beats. From the side of the stage to the end of the covered portion of Zilker stage people from all age groups and across all ethnicities were seen enjoying the group’s performance. The crowd was a good mixture of people dancing and just chilling to the tunes.

One couldn’t help but enjoy the contagious energy of the vocals and rhytms. Flags and hats were all present but the vibe of the venue could be felt from far away.

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Sunday October 14th 2012

In the Press Lounge we met with Daniel Cuenca vocalist and member of Sonambulo. The group’s show was on Saturday the 13th in Zilker stage at 2:30pm.


Where are you touring after ACL?

Sonambulo We’re going to Aguascalientes in Mexico, to attend a festival for Dia de los Muertos.

What can you tell us about your music and how did you guys get started?

Sonambulo-We started 6 years ago, we had five members of the group then, now we are eleven. The idea was to create music to dance based on traditional beats and fused with modern beats. We are now in the process of recording our second album.

Where are you guys based at?Sonambulo-Costa Rica, this is the first time we come to Austin Texas and to this festival.

What countries have you guys travel to?

SonambuloLast year we traveled to Belguim, Holland, Switzerland, France and Spain.

What part of Spain did you guys visit?

Sonambulo-We visited Galicia.

What plans do you have for the future, after the tour in Mexico, do you plan to tour SouthAmerica?

Sonambulo-We hope to keep getting more contracts in order to continue traveling. We have started a networking web of centroamerican music groups. We have already traveled to Nicaragua and have just gotten invited to El Salvador, Panama and Guatemala. The idea is for our group to go there and other centroamerican groups to come to Costa Rica, it’s a way to create an exchange and creative network. We have met some people from Chole and they are also working on a similar networking project. We would truly love to travel to Argentina also.

What would you like to tell your fans?

Keep dancing, that’s what’s about.