Sirloin-SS18-The New Rich


irloin went to the beach to spend a perfect holiday.  But what they found was that Miami is always better as a postcard!

For Sirloin’s new SS18, we  explore how China is mirroring American prosperity in the 90’s and becoming the new land of possibilities.  Taking some of the classic American TV shows such as Miami Vice and Baywatch as reference to reflecta on China’s “Tu Hao” culture, a word that could be translated as “new rich”

The preasentation of the collection plays on geographical power shifts, looking at representaciones of status symbols, that both American and Chinese are obsessed with.  Demostrating how valúes, emocional attachments and desires are manifested in people’s mind and becoming twisted as culture  consumerism evolve..

Yes, what you’re seeing it’s a series of models looking almost identical, all wearing the same face in this case a prosthetics mask.

Images by ©Akin Abayomi| Livingfash Media.