Rahul Mishra AW15

Story Weaver

Growing up in a sleepy village 53 miles off Kanpur Malhousie,  Rahul Mishra spent his childhood with his grandparents.  He grew up listening to stories.  Stories of all kinds, religious, historical, moral and about balance and humanity.

A government school nearby was where his education foundations were laid.  A physics graduate from Kanpur University, and a chance encounter with a design school led him to the National Institute of Design in Ahmedabad for a postgraduate degree that turned to be the turning point.  He found his calling, im an atmosphere that questioned his commitment to the world apron him and how Design was a powerful tool to alienate people’s problems.

The steps he took towards addressing issues if empowering the vast skilled artisans and craftsmen he encountered during his dissertation projects made up his mind and the debut collection born out of a project on Kerala handlooms took him to Instituto Marangoni on a scholarship.

2008 saw the genesis of the label Rahul Mishra in Mumbai.  Setting out with us first collection itself the brand endeared to establish its identity with textiles and craft interventions etching a new language in handmade couture.

“Let craft lead the way”

it was the crux from which the brand sought to sew its presence and create fashion that is relevant and serve a larger cause.  From his inspiration evolved the belief that a tradition has been practiced for generations and has upheld economies, can be molded into a chic, modern, urban wear line.  The strong belief in the ages old craft and the ability ti interpret it in a new language saw collections collaborating with crafts from various regions of India.  Sustainable, ethical, slow fashion are the terms that are increasingly used to term his work of redefining ideas of fashion.

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Light Tones and Prints

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