One day in Milan

From those days that seem like traveling never ends.  Leaving London Fashion Week to catch a train to catch a ferry to cross the sea and land on the continent that has so much history.  We spent a few days in Amsterdam and then took a train to Paris, to catch a taxi to the opposite side of town where the next train departure would take us to Italy.London train

An overnight train to Milan.  A nice and relax way to spend a few hours talking to a nice couple from Mexico.  I was able to talk in Spanish in a different continent.  Life it’s full of amazing things. You never know who you’re going to meet.

At the central station, the architecture it’s impressing.  Without much time to spare, we leave the bags at the station’s concierge service and take a taxi to the hotel, it’s still too early to actually check in into the hotel but we got our correspondence and opened immediately to find out that we were on the list for the first show of the day.milan, train station, image by akin abayomi for livingfash

milan train station image by akin abayomi for livingfash
Central Train Station Milan

Most days, that would be awesome, with barely any sleep we had not properly check in or changed outfits but we must go to fulfill our duties.

Took a taxi and found out the city was so majestic and filled with colorful runner rugs across the venues where the shows were taking place.

After the show, we returned to the hotel so we can finally check in.  After that, we decided to walk to the next show.  Milan by livingfash

Milan, image by akin abayomi for livingfash

Almost in front of our hotel, the streets were closed to cars and only pedestrians were allowed.  The open market day was taking place and people were shopping for their every day vegetables.  It was so amazing, seeing the produce and smelling the flowers.


After that, we still managed to get to a few shows for the evening.  On the way back we stopped at a park.

park in milan, image by akin abayomi for Livingfash

Images by Akin abayomi
Words by Elizabeth Livingfash