Christina Batlan in Paris, September 2015

The brand Musette has been synonymous to footwear and leather goods for the last two decades.  Native of Romania with products sold in US, France, Hungary, Luxembourg, Israel, Lebanon, Mongolia and Bulgaria.

 For the Spring-Summer collection Christina Baltan is taking the brand not new territories. We were there to see the unveiling during ParisFashion Week.  It was then when we had the opportunity to ask Christina about this collection and the inspiration behind it.

image Akin Abayomi/ Livingfash Media

Could you tell us what was the inspiration for this collection?

WE mix the feelings of last impressions from our traveling, we mixed the Japan tradition, the 70’s athmosphere platforms accessories style and the Dalmation coast is the part of Croatia, mountain in the water and we took from there this traditional pattern , colors, the feeling of the water we used the shinning materials which are taking the light and changing it into the light or the shade. 

MUSETTE, image Akin Abayomi/Livingfash Media

What kind of fabrics did you decided to use this time for the collection, you have syntetics and leather.

For the shoes we used leather for the sport line we used some nets it’s a multi fabric textile which we used everytime on top of the leather. For the garments we used the silk and the cotton two pieces which are the cocktail dress we had to use some of the materials we use for the shoes, we combined them.  The coin pattern is the coin pattern transformed and we used it for the dress. 

MUSETTE, image Akin Abayomi/Livingfash Media
MUSETTE, image by Akin Abayomi/Livingfash Media

Is the coin pattern from Croatia? Yes, its from Croatia.

MUSETTE, image by Akin Abayomi/Livingfash Media

What made you go from the shoe line to start designing RTW?

We started from the shoes, our collection started from the shoes, I love shoes I love accessories and I can only dream of doing this all my life, but we needed to express the personality of our shoes, we needed also the clothes and now we produce for our catalogues every season we did some capsules for our catalogues and or shootings and now we decided to do it for the show, otherwise how would we present. We started intuitively each collection, not a lot of study behind it, we feel it.

MUSETTE, image Akin Abayomi/Livingfash Media
Dual tone purse. Image by Akin Abayomi| Livingfash Media

I think every designer has to put everything they feel and how they transform in the last day of the production. Some of my pieces I did them 3 days before the show, it was my last feeling  I put it in the collection because the collection for the public is made for 6 months after 6 months we transform as people, we change.

MUSETTE, image Akin Abayomi/Livingfash Media
Open toe and fringe heels.  Image by Akin Abayomi| Livingfash Media

Also as my inspiration

I also learned how to treat this collection, not to dress too much the body, to leave the personality of the body to cover less possible. I started from the work of my friend Julian Domitriu he’s a sculptor and he’s doing the Neolithic pieces and he shows only the inside, he treats only the inside, the inside is gold and from different sides you side different corners but the inside is different from the outside and it changes just like the way people are, we are all born different and we have to discover them, we are all born beautiful, talented and as we grow we tent to loose some of what it was given to us and we have to look inside to obtain the value from the inside.

MUSETTE, image Akin Abayomi/Livingfash Media
Image by Akin Abayomi| Livingfash Media

How did you integrate the leather and all the different inspirations into this collection, we see a lot of influesnes, from the Japanese, gladiator, Retro,  neolitic, etc?

Let the freedom to mix all the things and to have the rule that there is no rule, this is our rule of the collection that there is no rule. The boots, can be like David Bowie boots from the 70’s or they can be like the samurai, inspired from the sole and the texture but it can be also the gladiator and if we think of the gladiator from the Roman imperial then they can be from the Croatian part, everything can be put together depends what you remember in a certain moment.

MUSETTE, image Akin Abayomi/Livingfash Media
Gladiator sandals Image by Akin Abayomi| Livingfash Media