MBFWM Mexico-Malafacha

One of the fashion spots on the Mercedes-Benz Map is Mexico and we couldn’t miss the fresh young talent coming put of Mexico City to the world.  Now, we introduce you to Malafacha, a brand we have been watching for a bit.

Here are some of the highlights of the Autumn/ Winter season from Mexico City Fashion Week.

Futuristic concept, dark colors and show to remember.

Like the set of a movie, the figures emerged to showcase futuristic concept in fashion.   Shinny stripes formed patterns in the textile department.  With a flair for epic designs, we find this brand very cool and farfetched for the market.  It may not be your mother’s wardrobe or your friend’s taste but it would definitely set you apart from the rest.

Designers Malafacha A/W 15 Collection, MBFW Mexico

Malafacha Designers- Image credit MBFW Mx

For more on the brand, please visit, http://malafacha.blogspot.com.es/

 The urban style and alternative of the brand its due to the fusion of diverse talents.  Francisco Saldaña as the fashion designer and  Víctor Hernal as the visual communicator,  together have presented 15 collections since the beginning of their brand.

Francisco graduated from the Jannette Klein University with a Fashion and Visual Merchandising.  Victor studied visual communication in the Communications University.    For sales, La Noventainueve, Pierre 39 y Rojo Bermelo en la Condesa or  www.compramodanacional.com