May 20th, 2013

May 20th, was a very painful day for me. I write a lot about things in life, fashion and art but today I will take a different angle. I will write about death; the death of a beloved pet. This is an issue so close to my heart that it still hurts. Today, my friend Ipod, (podi) died in my arms. I felt his last heartbeat and his last grasp for air.

It was one horrific scene I wish I could never relive again, but for now it plays over and over on my head. I can’t seem to get any sleep. I just wish I could go back in time and change things. That must be me, still dealing with the many steps of grief. I know, I know, I keep telling myself but the reality is, my pod woke up a healthy dog and he never went back to bed. He’s now buried on my backyard, next to his favorite animal friends. He gets to listen to the birds and the cats. He always enjoyed the company of other animals , even from different species. Never really pay too much attention to toys, only human and animal interaction.

ipod cat


Podi as a juvenile pup, playing with Mr Kujo the cat. He learned how to keep himself groomed and licked his paws like a cat.

ipod chicks

Podi watching over the chicks and the hen. He loved watching them and used to let them jump on him and eat his food.

podi n greko

Podi outdoors with Mr. Greko, the rooster.


This is what happened:

Today May 20th, I took my dog to the vet to get his vaccinations and he had an allergic reaction and died in my arms. I know for many people animals are animals and they can be replaced with no hesitation, but for me, ipod was very special.

I was there when he was born and raised him when his mom abandoned him after 3 days, he slept in my bed since then, his mom smuggled him into the platform bed and pushed him into a pillow, I didn’t know until I hear him cry, since then we were inseparable.

podi baby

Ipod as a pup, chubby little thing.

pod n chucho

Ipod (baby) and Chucho, his dad. They were always very close, even taking pee-trips together. Chucho always came and got me whenever Podi had a seizure. It’s like, he knew when it was going to happen. weird!


Podi and my first hen, she had a broken leg and podi stayed with her through the healing process. They had a connection, he was born on April’s Fool Day and she layed her first egg on April’s Fool as well.

He was always the defensor of the oppressed, always defending the cat, the chickens, the other animals from danger. I used to called him “Rotondo” for his cute little belly. He was a survivor. Since he was little, he suffered in silence. He often got seizures but his father “Chucho” would come and get me, so I could take him in my arms and whisper to him everything was going to be fine. I know, I need to focus on my other dogs, his parents and charish the moments we had together but at this moment I just feel like crying.

podi kissing

Me and Podi.

All those times, he stayed with me by the computer, everyday, he would follow me and ask me to pick him up by gently scratching my leg. I would pick him up and sit him next to me, on a computer chair and he would wait until lunch for us to take a break.

podi 2

ipod chair

podi sleeping

Sometimes, he’ll sleep on the desk, closer to me.


He sometimes, will appear on the middle of a photo shoot and do his dance. He had such a sweet personality.

He defended me against other dogs, even his own mother. He was such a loyal and loving dog. I only wish he didn’t suffer at the end of his life but I can’t unfortunately undo the past.


Farewell, my best friend Pod, I will always, always remember you.