Backstage at Mariana Jungmann SS15

Backstage is where the magic takes place, there the models get to experience the team that working together will create the final look for the show.

Granted, the looks for the show are already predetermined and selected but now it’s the time that the work takes place and every single person works as a team to achieve the look.

Many make-up artists and hair stylists working together in unison while the dressers get the clothes stemmed and ready.  There are also nail technicians that help to complete the look.  Every single person has a job to do, and they all do it well under stress and in a rush sometimes but at the end of the day, their wonderful work gets seen by all the show guests and the media.


Model sited getting her hair styled by two hair stylist, working on straightening her hair and applying hair spray.

Model walking towards the wardrobe selection, each model has her look selected and ready to go.

image by akin abayomi

Artistic Director for the Make-Up looks created for the show.

image by akin abayomi


Artist Vivien Chan backstage, sketching the model’s hair.

Selfie Time.

image akin abayomi


Close-up details of the nails, very interesting chain loops.

Before the show rehearsal.



Last minutes before the show, the hair accessories get attached.