Lost Dogs | Korean short film you must watch.

For all those of us aficionados to the Korean film industry,  Lost Dogs  is an independent short film by director Cullan Bruce who is also the Editor, Co-writer, and did the score for the film.
It’s said that Cullan Bruce met Chris Lee in late 2014 and she captivated him with tales of growing up korean.  He found these stories to be hysterical and he wrote a script and they filmed it..

Lost Dogs is a standalone continuation of Senior Flowers. But this time, Jeong-Eun’s strained relationship with her mother reaches an apex. Hope of escape comes when her long absent brother returns as a pious missionary. In confidence to Jeong-Eun he reveals himself as a sham, too far in debt to a sadistic gambling den bent on body mutilation. Jeong-Eun promises to help clear his debt on the condition he takes care of mother. She then abandons her passive nature and tip toes past her own moral line…

Inspired by auteurs like Chan-Wook Park, David Fincher, and Wes Anderson, Lost Dogs is a dark comedy/drama that’s slightly off-kilter and fails horribly at balancing tragedy and fun.

It is a Korean film made in America.

​For more on the short film and the cast, please visit https://www.lostdogsareneverfound.com

The Scoop about this short film is simple and twisted.  Without spoiling the film, I would like to summarize the plot as follow. Chris Lee / Producer, Co-writer, and actress playing “Jeong-Eun”, she shaves her head for this role, how cool is that?, you know if the protagonist is going to have some awesomeness factor to it.


Bum-Kun played by Edward Hong is the long lost brother who reveals himself a sham.
Linda Yim plays the Mother, a crucial character in the upbringing of the sibilings and who we don’t see too much in screen.
The madam played by Jen Yim a complex character not a villain or a saint.

Without revealing too much, the storyline is based about a missionary coming back home to his Korean family for a peaceful meal, while his sister living at home is somewhat stucked with a overwhelming mother. The arrival of Bum-Kun, the brother(missionary) brings out a different side to Jeong-Eun.