London Collections SS14: Men Fashion, how to dress good



Another great read about London Collections.
Men Fashion doesn’t have to be old fashion or boring. Nowdays, guys have a wide selection of fashion designers to choose from. Gone are the days in which button down shirts and slacks dominated the scene. If a guy wanted to buy clothes he would have to go to the mall and buy from the Men or Youth selection not really making much of a selection at all.
I watched countless times as my beau will avoid shopping as the plague due to the lack of styling at the local stores. We’ll get there and find out that everything seemed like a decade too old. Well, maybe if one didn’t have a choice that’s what one would wear, but if one is to pay a hefty sticker price at least give the guy some choices.

Well, nowadays, we can shop online and find some of these designers collections to choose from. I know my guy is happy. Now he doesn’t have to look like a creature from another era. He sees the latest and picks the style he likes. London is remarkably well position on the men fashion revolution. Time after time, the British Fashion Council and the designers put together a session to showcase the best of British design to the world.

topman designs, lcm ss14A selection from the well established brands like Richard Nicoll, Spencer Hart, Savile Row, Paul Smith,etc. to the emerging talent on the scene.
Some designs are “out there”, even for a hippy-free spirit like myself, but that doesn’t scare me away from looking at the creativity of the designers pushing the envelope. I admire the fact that it took a lot of guts to put together a collection that didn’t resemble anything from whatever one may expected. A shock value, perhaps, but the truth is, the designers have to predict and live with the choices they make. Sometimes, the general public embraces their choices, sometimes they don’t. I find it funny, when we decide to criticize they stylistic choices while we sit home comfortably not making a conscius effort to understand why they designer did what they did.

To me, the designers deserved a very well earned vote of confidence just for having the “valor” to show the world what’s going on on their head. It takes some “balls” to say here it is, take it or leave it. Then, we all as public decide to like/hate.

model wearing Alan Taylor



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