Fatima Lopes SS13

Sept 25th 2012

Theatre du Chatelet

Paris France

Fatima Lopes


Lopes was part of three Portugese designesrs showing at Paris Fashion Week. Her collection seem to draw inspiration from a jungle theme. Filled with bright and bold print and colors, her collection “Luxuriant Paradise” was a combination of curve hugging and asymetrical pieces.

Unfortunately, I did not get to attend the show due to the overwhelming crowd and the lack of space at the venue. Even though we had an invitation, it seems that things were sketchy to say the least. Well, I chose not to dwell on the fact that there was no room in the show and I awaited patiently while conversing with a fellow acquaintance from London. I had just seen her at LFW and now here in Paris, so we stay behind chating about the stories from last week and shows to go. It’s always interesting seeing how people react to things. There are those people that loose the coolness and make a fuzz about not getting into a show, there are those that scam their way into the show. There are so many stories unfolding right infront of my eyes and to be honest, I really enjoyed staying behind to document this experience. More about it in a future blog.For now I’ll leave you with the pictures we got, thanks to our amazing team of photographers we were at least able to cover that part of the show.

We can infer it was very colorful and festive. Below I’ll leave the looks for SS13 for this designer.


The first look is an open slit dress with asymetrical lines. The one 3/4 long sleeve in a stretchy material. The print and colors are very bright, aquamarine tones and slight purples.

Next, a model wearing a body fitting dress with 2 slits on the front with the same patterns and tones.

A short dress in green tones and abstract print, along the strapless knee length two slit mustard/shiny metalic tones dress. Followed by more tight curve-hugginh combinations.

A pants ensamble was also featured at this collection, as seen on the pictures the black pants with pleats were a little below the knee in a trend for the season. The ultra bright top was also silluette hugging. Accesories were also present. Flowers moulded in belts and necklaces and as part of the shoe decorations. A good play in bold colors and tropical prints were the staple for this collection.


Fred Butler Live presentation

Fred Butler

A Bee In My Bonnet, With A Honey Hair Comb

SS13 Live Presentation & Fashion Film Screening

Mon 17th September

Portico Rooms, Somerset House

fred butler style

As part of London Fashion Week Schedule SS13 Fred Butler unvailed her collection. Gold, metallics, hexagones and honey bees can summarize the aesthertic of this wearable sculpture of intricate textures and accesories. Multi-talented Fred has been called the London renaissance girl due to the many talents such as custom made prop styling, art directing and film making. For a closer look at the work, check the site.

Invitation to the Presentation & Fashion Film Screening SS13. As much as I wanted to keep every single invitation for reference while typing these notes, I have to be honest and say that I couldn’t and left some (most) behind in London, but this one was way too cute for me to leave and I packed it inside a GRAZIA magazine for the rest of my trip. Let me tell you, one invitation may seem not to weight a lot but if you keep on adding, the weight piles up. Like I said, this Fred Butler invite was so well tought that as an artist, I have to give her my respects and keep this piece for all of you to see. I know, I could have easily taken the picture back in my hotel in London and move on, dispose of it as many (most) people do, but in my case this invitation was a product of a very creative person and I would have not felt right to discard it, especially after seeing the amount of detail that went into this presentation. From the model’s nails, designed as bees with a wasp and all to the hexagonal backpacks looking like a honeyhive. No detail was spared, everything seemed perfectly planned and thought through. and of course the music. Wbhat a great presentation!

Fashion Film Screening

Fred Butler Spring Summer 2013 Collection video

Music collaboration with Two Inch Punch. Red Bull Catwalk Studio.



Rebellious Fashion

Juxtaposition could be the title for this look, a great ensemble of animal print bag/carrier and the bold black & white pants & shirt in print. The glasses and skull cap add flare to the entire look. Very unique!

studded shoeslfw031

Gold studded shoes and red showcased the look.

Staff By

Street Fash

For Fashionistas and style conscious individuals, Fashion Week brings a great opportunity to meet minds alike and bring everything Fashion to one city. London was the epicenter for this fashion event and the gathering of fashionistas from all over the world.



Ekaterina Kukhareva

Sunday September 16th London

Vauxhall Fashion Scout

Ekaterina Kukhareva Catwalk show


Burst of colors and energetic prints brought the show to a maxized fashion fuel for the SS13. A very fun play with color blocking and prints accesoried with metalic and geometric items.



Raffaele Ascione


The home of new talent

One of the Catwalk shows we were able to attend for SS13 in London was the one by designer Raffaele Ascione. We arrived early after experiencig the que in the past few shows. This time we were able to see the show and enjoy the amazing collection.


Green & Gray

In Somerset we found these beautiful shoes wore by a lovely girl, her shiny pants complemented her shoes and the tip of her long hair. Here are some snips of the “Green Monsters”

london fashion week, fashionista, camera, street fashion

Another look, this one a little more subdue with the colors while still trending. Nice camera!