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Lera Lynn


Lera Lynn

Country singer-songwriter, named “Best American Artist” at Athens 2011 Flagpole Music Awards. Lynn’s collection of songs is am inventory of past experiences, as well as artistic challenges in her pursuits and hopes for the future.

“Whiskey” is one of her oldest songs, a portrayal of a young girl trying to cope in an environment of addiction and denial.
Lynn started the year releasing two new songs, “Ring of Fire” and “Don’t Make me wait” an original tune. Both can be found at

In past reviews she has been called in “ a steady command of her craft” “ a subtly smoldering intensity that instantly captivates”

In this year ACL fest we’re personally interviewing Lera Lynn for a closer look into her music.

leralynn (4)

E.A.S.T. 2012

Every year the East Austin Studio Tour happens around the middle of November. This year the fu has been extended an extra week, so we all get to see as many Artist, Studios, Exhibitions and Happenings all around East Austin. A comprehensive map with the locations has been provided along with the info on the website for all the people wanting to map their routes. So many events and shows all over the east part of the city makes it difficult to coordinate which ones to attend; of course we want to attend as many as possible but even if we try it would be an impossible task to go to all.

Last weekend we attended Pump Project at Shady Lane and 405 Springdale Road Blacksmith Industries as well as one of our favorite spots, 777 Shady Ln #7 Susannah Blanton. We really enjoy Jean Rather’s conversation about her pieces. I was very taken by one with a very distinct coloring, it attracted my attention from across the gallery, that’s how you know when a painting is good, it calls you and grabs you to take a closer look. We also bump into Shota, from he’s a fabulous furniture maker. His piece was not only aesthetically pleasing but also very well planed. His use of straight lines and clean workmanship is ideal for a zen/modern home. Below are some images from the tour. Hopefully this coming weekend we get to see more of this year’s E.A.S.T tour.

Images by Akin Abayomi


Space Capone Interview

From the classic R&B to the energetic funk comes a music phenomenom called Space Capone. The 70’s funk/R&B/ soul and more energy than e teenager on 3 cans of Redbull sums up this funky vibes from this music group. One can not help but dance or a least attempt to during the performance of their latest tunes. We were lucky to catch up their performance at ACL (Austin City Limits) Fest in Texas and knowing the guys would be a hit we secured an interview before hand, just to make sure we cover this new breed of young musicians bringing the funk back to the table


How did you get into music?

Space Capone– Through the church. I was fortunate enough to play in a traveling church band at a young age.

Where does the name SpaceCapone comes from?

SC– It came to me in a dream. Or what I supposed to have been one. The name was inmy head when I woke up one morning.

What countiy(ies) would you like to tour next?

SC: UK, Germany and Japan.

What inspires you to create?

SC-Others who have done it before me.All of my predecessors who did it better or simpler. Als, the creative process is a very ethereal thing. Almost like a drug. There are moments in writing a song where you feel someone or something else has a hand in it as week. That moment inspires me to search for it over and over.

What album,song puts you in a good mood not matter what?

SC-”On your face off the Spirit album by Earth Wind and Fire.

What is your favorite movie?

SC-”Bottle Rocket.”

What’s next for Space Capone?

Space Capone- We’ve been fortunate enough to perform at Bonaroo,CMJ,Hangout,SXSW, Summerfest and now ACL. I’d like to keep the ball rolling in that direction and hopefull become somewhat of a mainstay in the festival market.

Space Capone Interview 2012 images be ©Akin Abayomi


First Thurdays

Every first Thurday of the month, there is a gathering of vendors around South Congress Ave. in South Austin. This is a great time to head down there and enjoy the cool atmosphere, there is usually music and something for every age old and yound to do and see little of the weirdness and laid back attitude that Austin has to offer. It also gives you a chance to experience some great food, music and arts and crafts.

Check the link for additional info.


Fire spinning on film /image credit Akin ©


Blanton Museum

Every Third Thursday of the month, the Blanton museum at Austin UT campus has its free night with multiple activities . One of them is Yoga in the Galleries. I try to make it a habit to get myself down there but I’ve failed miserably lately.

Just to be clear, I meant get myself to the museum not the yoga class. I really enjoy going to the Blanton whenever I can fit this into my schedule. They also curate works from other museums and the Blanton also has a revolving collection of their own, the works range from Classic art to Modern collection. Cameras are allowed in the permanent collection but no flash. I usually carry around my Hasselblad 530CW when I do make it there. Here are some of the familiar scenes from the Museum.

Aug 18,2011

Blanton Museum

Austin, Texas

Blanton Museum

Benini Studio & Sculpture Ranch

The Benini Studio is located in Johnson City, in the hill country of central Texas. The Ranch is located on a 140 acres  property. The drive to the property is about an hour away from Austin and it’s a good way to enjoy a nice afternoon whenever the weather cools down in Central Texas.

The whole ranch is an open studio where you can drive and enjoy the grand sculptures from national and international sculptors and artists.  I would call the experience more of Art safari that make use of the landscape to showcase these work of art. There is also an indoor gallery on the property that houses more scultures that would fit nicely on a coffee or a mantle. ranch

Benini Studio, Sculpture Ranch / Image credit: Akin©


Bright sculpture surrounded by nature. Image credit: Akin ©


Helmut at MFAH .

it was a full week filled with car adventures and lost keys but I was not going to let that stop me from heading to MFAH to see the Helmut Newton exhibit there.

This was one of the things that come up and you don’t pass on. So, on Saturday a little bit afternoon hopped in the car and made the 3 hrs drive to Main St in Downtown Houston. I finally go the chance to catch some rain there also, something we’ve been missing in Austin.

The exhibit was totally worth it, I could not take any shots while I was in the museum, there were dark blue suits in every corner so I spent the next 3 hrs enjoying the exhibit and some of the permanent installations there. This was my first time at MFAH and I have so say, I’ll be back for more it was worth it.

On my way out, I picked up some souvenirs but I still needed to stake a shot so I had my camera set and ready to go. As soon as I got around the corner of the tunnel I fired of the shutter before the man in the dark blue suit even knew, I had my shot. Thank you MFAH I’ll be back again.