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Blanton Museum

Every Third Thursday of the month, the Blanton museum at Austin UT campus has its free night with multiple activities . One of them is Yoga in the Galleries. I try to make it a habit to get myself down there but I’ve failed miserably lately.

Just to be clear, I meant get myself to the museum not the yoga class. I really enjoy going to the Blanton whenever I can fit this into my schedule. They also curate works from other museums and the Blanton also has a revolving collection of their own, the works range from Classic art to Modern collection. Cameras are allowed in the permanent collection but no flash. I usually carry around my Hasselblad 530CW when I do make it there. Here are some of the familiar scenes from the Museum.

Aug 18,2011

Blanton Museum

Austin, Texas

Blanton Museum

Benini Studio & Sculpture Ranch

The Benini Studio is located in Johnson City, in the hill country of central Texas. The Ranch is located on a 140 acres  property. The drive to the property is about an hour away from Austin and it’s a good way to enjoy a nice afternoon whenever the weather cools down in Central Texas.

The whole ranch is an open studio where you can drive and enjoy the grand sculptures from national and international sculptors and artists.  I would call the experience more of Art safari that make use of the landscape to showcase these work of art. There is also an indoor gallery on the property that houses more scultures that would fit nicely on a coffee or a mantle. ranch

Benini Studio, Sculpture Ranch / Image credit: Akin©


Bright sculpture surrounded by nature. Image credit: Akin ©


Helmut at MFAH .

it was a full week filled with car adventures and lost keys but I was not going to let that stop me from heading to MFAH to see the Helmut Newton exhibit there.

This was one of the things that come up and you don’t pass on. So, on Saturday a little bit afternoon hopped in the car and made the 3 hrs drive to Main St in Downtown Houston. I finally go the chance to catch some rain there also, something we’ve been missing in Austin.

The exhibit was totally worth it, I could not take any shots while I was in the museum, there were dark blue suits in every corner so I spent the next 3 hrs enjoying the exhibit and some of the permanent installations there. This was my first time at MFAH and I have so say, I’ll be back for more it was worth it.

On my way out, I picked up some souvenirs but I still needed to stake a shot so I had my camera set and ready to go. As soon as I got around the corner of the tunnel I fired of the shutter before the man in the dark blue suit even knew, I had my shot. Thank you MFAH I’ll be back again.



The second and third week of November is usually a time I look forward to in Austin. This is when the East AUSTIN Studio Tours “E.A.S.T” occurs.

I get the chance to see more of the Austin art community, everything from painters, sculptures, woodworkers and glass blowers. The tour is really well organized and it gives me the chance to see more of the east Austin Architecture also. East Austin has really changed over the years but it seems to have really taken off something in 2005, that was when most of the gentrification was at it full force. I kind of remember this because I also bought a place then but because of the commute I had a change of heart.

Anyways, the tour is really enjoyable and I can’t wait for this year to kickoff.

Check out the site for additional info on the many places to visit..

Here are some snaps from Sunday.


Fashion Scout Vauxhall

The home of new talent.Vauxhall Fashion Scout Merit Award is worth £25,000 over three seasons, including a fully sponsored catwalk show. The Merit Award has become the highlight event of London Fashion Week’s Off-Schedule.

Previous winners include David Koma, Eudon Choi,Georgia Hardinge, Leuton Postle, Phoebe English, William TEmpest, Hermione de Paula and last season’s winner Heohwan Simulation. The Merit Award is open to all designers who have not yet held a solo catwalk show at Vauxhall Fashion Scout or similar event. Sponsoring this event: Vauxhall, The body shop, VitaCoco,Bleach Blanket Babylon, Fashion Beauty Monitor, Mayor of London, Tony & Guy, Pod, Snog, Propress, The Teashed. {gallery}Articles/VauxhallFashionScout{/gallery}



Sonambulo means Sleepwalker and we covered the group’s performance on Zilker stage on Saturday the 13th at 2:30.

The audience loved their “psico-tropical” rhtyms, a fusion of traditional African and modern Latin American beats. From the side of the stage to the end of the covered portion of Zilker stage people from all age groups and across all ethnicities were seen enjoying the group’s performance. The crowd was a good mixture of people dancing and just chilling to the tunes. One couldn’t help but enjoy the contagious energy of the vocals and rhytms. Flags and hats were all present but the vibe of the venue could be felt from far away.

For more on Sonambulo visit:

La musica de Sonambulo se puede encontrar en

O en la pagina de Facebook Sonambulopsicotropicalbanda

1-A donde van de gira despues de aqui?
Sonambulo- A Aguascalientes a un festival que se llama para el dia de los muertos Octubre y Noviembre

2-Que nos puedes decir de tu musica, como empezaron?
S- Nosotros empezamos hace 6 años, eramos 5 y ahora somos 11, la idea es hacer musica para bailar,, basados en ritmos tradicionales y fusionados en ritmos modernos y ahora estamos en proceso de grabar nuestro segundo album.
3-Donde estan basados?
S- En Costa Rica, esta es la primera vez que venimos para Austin y al festival.
4-A que paises han viajado?
S- El año pasado hemos viajado a Belgica, Holanda, Suiza, Francia y España.
5-En España a que parte han visitado?
S-Estuvimos en Galicia
6-Que planes tienen a future, despues de la gira a Mexico, piensan ir Sudamerica?
S-La idea es ver si podemos conseguir mas contactos para seguir viajando, ahora estamos empezando hacer una red de grupos centroamericanos para viajar por centro America, ya hemos ido a Nicaragua y tenemos unas invitaciones para El Salvador, y Panama y Guatemala nosotros vamos alla y vienen grupos a Costa Rica como para generar un Mercado, una red. Ya hemos conocido a personas de Chile que tambien tienen una red y a nosotros nos encantaria ir a Argentina.

7-Que les quieres decir a tus fans.
S-“Que sigan bailando que de eso trata. ”

La musica de Sonambulo se puede encontrar en
O en la pagina de Facebook Sonambulopsicotropicalbanda

The Capital of Glam

Austin has been called the Live Music Capital of the World due to its music scene, Texas has been called a conservative state since it always seems to be going Republican not matter how many Liberals live in Austin, the state always turns red when the networks predict the elections. The truth about Texas is one big state, that’s for sure.