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PRZMAN Botanical beard oil, I really didn’t know what to expect. It was right before my Tokyo trip so, I packed it with all my supplies. The oil is very light almost like baby oil, the instruction calls for 2 drops into the palm of your hands and massage it into the beard. It goes on really lightly and puts a nice shine on the beard, you don’t notice it or feel it once it’s on.

PRZMAN oil image by Akin Abayomi

Best of all, it did not leave a stain on my clothes which was great plus. I used the whole week while I was out and it quickly became second nature as a morning routine after I get out of the shower. It has an earthy kind of scent to it, I really don’t know how to describe it but it is a very pleasant scent that is not overbearing.

PRZMAN oil image by Akin Abayomi

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Overall, I’ll give this a A plus and it is something I would use.

For more on the brand, please visit http://https//

Erika Cavallini Semi-Couture

Erika Cavallini Fall-Winter 2015/16 semi-couture Collection was presented in Milan and the inspiration was set to be “The day after the party” in a mix of wild spirit with liberating and chipped romance.

The models worked the runway in Mannish tailoring, floating volumes and air moving between the layers of gestural flower prints mixed with bold and geometric patterns. We see a wild inclusion of fabrics dynamically blended together Triple jacquard, muslin, crepe de chine, organza and boiled wool.

ERIKA CAVALLINI Semicouture FW 15-16 FASHION SHOW (19)_small ERIKA CAVALLINI Semicouture FW 15-16 FASHION SHOW (27)_smallHere we see the influence of the Japonisme style with the Kimono belt


Franzel Amsterdam is an experimental street wear label based in Amsterdam
, as you would

guess from their name and don’t be fooled by the experimental definition. Eric Franzel is the designer and the AW15 collection is a reconstruction, reconfiguration, re-worked or repurpose of other garments into something new. You would notice I did not use recycle as one of the verbs to describe this collection, because this goes beyond that.

Eric has totally evolved beyond the experimental stage and has shown us that you can create fashion from any garment.

Franzel Amsterdam Street wear collection





The collection is an assortment of fabrics from tents, carpets, kakis, curtains and other garments used to create something unique in the street wear look.

You can find out more about the designer at www.FRANZELAMSTERDAM.COM 


MLTV AW15 Collection
MLTV AW15 Collection

MLTV is another design brand I had the chance of seeing while I was in TRANOI homme last January. MLTV is the brainchild of Anna Sjunnesson based in Stockholm, Sweden. The Collection consists of classic men’s wear items modified into contemporary style with the classic Nordic minimalism look.

The designs navigate a fine line between the boundaries of femininity and masculinity aesthetics, yet making them very simple.

For those of you concerned with environment, MLTV is manufactured in Europe in limited quantities and strive to keep the impact to the environment minimal. You can see more from the designer at If you a lucky enough to find some of the limited stock available you can shop at

Leather Luxury

In Nosakari AW15 Collection we see an addition to the signature luxury scarves line, with the introduction of additional luxury leather accessories. The leather goods collection consist of wallets, Shopper tote bag, bracelets, document folio with detachable handles that can be worn as bracelets. The brand is really interesting and the goods are all hand made in England. The monogram signature leather line is definitely luxurious and comes in variety of colors and tones that would surely complement any look you are striving for.

Nosakhari AW15 collection: document folio, Shopper tote bag, detachable bracelets and more.

For more info you can visit the brand at

Beyond imagination: Wooyoungmi Paris 2015

Models backstage during Wooyoungmi Menswear Paris AW 2015 Fashion Show, image by akin abayomi
Models backstage during Wooyoungmi Menswear Paris AW 2015 Fashion Show, image by akin abayomi

Latest from Wooyoungmi Paris, our coverage of Menswear Fashion, AW 2015.  Check it out at

Wooyoungmi Paris AW2015, Fashion Show. image by akin abayomi
Wooyoungmi Paris AW2015, Fashion Show. image by akin abayomi