K-Fashion in Paris

Two of my favorite things, Korean and Parisian fashion get together for one evenful show during Paris Fashion Week.   At the steps of Tranoi, the five Korean designers presented their Spring/Summer collections.
The project is to introduce talented fashion designers based in Korea. The five fashion designers are selected from the top five among the fifty rising fashion designers candidates in 2017.  The Korea Research Institute for Fashion Industry finally announced the selected five k-fashion designers to participate in Paris Fashion Week. Global fashion experts such as Vogue Korea, Tranoi and Colette were involved in the screening process.

The designers had K-Fashion Pop-up at Colette from July 31-Aug 5th and participated in Paris Fashion Week under the project name ‘K-Fashion Project Paris’

Ti Baeg

In the way a camellia flower symbolizes love and loyalty, the collection by Tibaeg shows warm and femenine identity through the colors and patterns inspired from nature.  1-Green sheer coat, white top with frill hemline, white pleated pants, white socks, white sneakers with gold ring, tassel lace earring. 2- green print dress. lace up shoes, white paisley lace earrings.  3- green trench coat with print back,  ivory top with leaf print frill, black pleated pants, louis quatorse wine bag, black socka pink lace shoes, blue lace earrings. 4- Leaf print dress, white socks, white sneakers with gold ring, lace earrings. 5- green sequin hooded t-shirt, printed sheer pants, white sneakers with gold ring, lace earring. 5- green sequin hooded t-shirt, printed sheer pants, white sneakers with gold ring, lace earring 6-pleated collar white shirt, green flared sweater, green check skirt with black organza, white socks, white sneakers with gold ring, Louis Quatorze green bag.  7- black sheer  sequin dress, white socks, white sneakers with gold ring, paisley lace earrings. 8- white embroidered hoodie, white pleated pants, white socks, white sneakers with gold ring, Louis Quatorze mini bag. 9-white embroidered jacket, white top with frill on hemline, white pleated pants, white sneakers with gold ring, tassek lace earring. 10- white embroidered dress, white sneakers with gold ring earrings.


Kathleen Kye focuses on providing innovative and extraordinary fashion concepts and shapes. She delivers elements of humor, fun and sense of optimism in the fashion collection. The theme for this season was ‘The Fate is in your Hand‘.

1- black washed bucket hat, black kye embroiderery denim bra top, black star embroidery denim wide pants. 2- Black star embroidered denim jacket, black kye smile embroidered denim skirt3- Red/silver lurex top, black kye embroidered denim skirt 4- Sky blue/red colorblock ruffle trim detail hooded top.  Sky blue/red colorblock ruffle detail short5- Sky blue ruffle trim detail trench coat 6- Sky blue trim cuff detai; satin bomber, sky blue colorblock short 7- Light blue studded denim dress, light blue layered denim short 8-Red/Silver lurex top, black KYE embroidered denim skirt. 9-Purple/yellow colorblock ruffle trim hooded top. Grey star studded blazer, purple colorblock lurex track pants. 10- purple washed bucket hat, purple star embroidered washed cotton twill jacket, purple washed shorts.


Designer Tae Yong Ko, launched his brand in 2008. The concept was based around American preppy style. the brand challenges to reinterpret and create new outfits from this classic theme. For this season the theme is ‘A new order’ A new order is all about attitude, style and the story of the continuous attempt for our lifestyle. Beyond closet would like to show the way how we accept the attitude and the way of curiosity of life, desire for novelty and fast changing..

1-White double breasted jacket, caramel stripe shirt, whide leg pants, off white sneakers, straw hat with black ribbon, document bag with sea horse tag.  2-Red line v neck knit sweater, check half shorts.black sneakers, scarf, gold glasses, boston bag.  3-white denim trucker jacket, white t-shirt, brown check slacks, red sneakers, round frame sunglasses 4- classic check jacket, blue half turtle neck top, classic check wide leg pants, off white sneakers, red cap, silver glasses. 5- black pique shirt, blue slacks with white stitching, off white sneakers, straw hat with red and blue ribbon, scarf, small leather bag.  6- graphic print blouson jacket, black t-shirt, white denim pants with sea horse tag, off white sneakers 7-graphic knit sweater, glen check slacks, red sneakers, blue & snake skin slim belt. silver glasses. 8- black tuxedo jacket, blue half sleeve shirt with sea horse embroidery, graphic print sim short. red & grey lining sneakers, white cap with eye mask, red beach towel.  9- brown alligator blouson jacket, caramel half turtle neck top, brown alliagator shorts, black sneakers, navy beach towel, clear frame sunglasses. 10- black alligator trench coat with scarf, white half sleeve shirt with sea hojrse embroidery, front stitched white slacks, cream sneakers, black cap.


Her collection titled ‘An Iron hand in a velvet glove‘ was inspired by the artist Umberto Marianin’s works. The collection presents combined styles of aggression, masculinity and elegance, femininity from the reintrepretation of suffragettes who have a qualifirf lifestyle in the 20’s.

1- Red dress, red & black hat, black boots, black earrings 2- white with red stripe top, red dress, red boots, brown and white bag, white earrings. 3- pink & red top, pink & red skirt, red boots, black earring. 4- blue stripe dress, white shoes, blue stripe earrings.. 5- yellow top, trouser with yellow hem, yellow bag, black earrings. 6- yellow stripe top, navy balloon skirt, black shoes 7- navy coat, navy hat, navy boots, cream earrings. 8- blue stripe & navy dress, navy boots, blue stripe earrings. 9- blue stripe & navy ruffle top, blue stripe & navy ruffle skirt, navy boots, blue stripe earrings. 10- blue stripe one shoulder top, navy trousers with side details. blue bag white earrings.


General Idea is a brand that goes beyond understanding just the general thoughts by sharing a story about our generation’s flow and movement trends. In general idea’s clothing pieces there are always people involved, as if a garment is designed and nobody wears it it becomes simply an ornament.