Issey Miyake

known for his simplicity and clean lines, this colllection couldn’t be more to part. A rainbow of colors worn by the models in a synchronized and seemless walk around the runway made the show a very ‘eye catching’ moment. Models walk in and out of each others way barely missing each other but with a characteristic motion of perfect flow.

Issey Miyake ss14 Livingfash Media/ Image provided by Akin Abayomi

Akin Abayomi/ Livingfash Media

Paris Fashion Week is a staple on fashion and trendsetters. The biggest names in the fashion world, show their collections at this Fashion Week. Brands like CHANEL, CHLOÉ, HERMÈS, LOUIS VUITTON etc, make their season collections available during the months of PFW and they seem to always catch our attention in a global scale. We had the privilege of attending Issey Miyake fashion show at Espace Ephémère, Tuileries during our Fashion Week Travels. It was our last day in Paris and we already knew that we were going to miss the Continent more than anything. We spent a week prior to Fashion Week roaming the picturesque streets of Paris, from the touristy to the most eclectic and bohemic side of town. We enjoyed the time well spent at the river banks and slowly consuming a good amount of french wine. The atmosphere in Paris is simply put, unlike any other city.






Night in Paris followed by gelato and Crêpes.

But back to the Fashion… Colors so vivid and fluidity in the movement make Issey Miyake show a festival of simplicity and harmony. In tune the models walk around the runway, barely missing each other. Sometimes, 3 or more models walk in synchrony like a piece performed by an orchestra. A visual stimulation to a crowd of unlookers, myself included. Have seen a lot of runway shows but I have to say the anticipation was killing me sofly. I have been an admirer of Issey’s designs for as long as I can remember, got the Issey Miyake East Meets West book and have been so close to his works in my adventures to the East, but merely ,missed the exhibit that time. I knew the moment the invitation arrived at my flat in Paris that this show could not be missed. I was so happy to open the pretty envelope that I almost forgot to write the date on the calendar. More than once I had to make sure that the time was more than enough for us to get to the Espace Ephémère, there was no way I was going to be late to this event.

Issey Miyake ss14 Livingfash 6Issey Miyake ss14 Livingfash 21Issey Miyake ss14 Livingfash 47


Like the colors of the rainbow, the cascading flow of seemless designs seemed eloquent and almost melodious to the visual scene. Muted tones, pastel and some vivid high pitch accents framed the collection. Like water, the fluidity was existent at its core.