Interview: Kurt Uenala | Insight into the mind of a talented musician.


e introduced you the latest from Null + Void, here now we presented  you the man behind the music.   Here are some quick questions we put together for the artist known as Null + Void.

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1-After watching the documentary, we realize that not all day can be spent doing creative work, tell us what else do you like do besides creating music, i.e  hobby, tv shows, etc.

The boring fact is, that I don’t really do much else. I have no family or other obligations so I just spend my waking hours in the studio. The only time i go home is to sleep. I do enjoy reading about new technologies or when i feel really indulgent, I go see a movie or run a bath and listen to music while soaking. Some nights of course I meet friends for a drink or go see someone perform.

2-Could you tell us a little about the name Null + Void, what significance has to you?

Honestly, it sounded really cold and vast and that was the sound i was going for. The contrast of hard and cold structures but surrounded by warm and hopeful tones is more or less what I tried to make the album sound like.

3-Do you recall the moment you decided to be a musician?..  is there another field of work you could see yourself at?.

I was very sure I wanted to be a musician quite early on but that is not possible if you have strict parents. So i took a few detours but was always very focused in my spare time. I didn’t do much else other than practicing and tinkering in my bedroom. I was never into sports so i got a lot done, haha. I always dabbled in graphic design and retouching a bit out of necessity as I never had the budget to hire someone to make a record cover ot a flyer. Until now, haha.

4-Tell us about your  source of inspiration?.

When writing this album, my life completely fell apart and all I had left was music and those instruments. So, for months I slept on a pull out couch at the studio and made a lot of the music that became Cryosleep. I tried to make a record that captured a longing and desire for things long gone. It’s about the struggle to let go. When I was too exhausted to work more, I would watch a film or read. The Sci-Fi book I read at the time is called “Ubik” by Philipp K. Dick. He also wrote “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep” which is his most famous novel.

5-What do you miss the most about your hometown, country after living in NY?

The complete darkness after 12:30AM. At that exact time, all the streetlights in my village get turned off, except the few major intersections. It’s great for stargazing. I grew up seeing satellites zip by and last summer, we even saw the international space station. It’s visible from earth and doesn’t seem that far away. And the water quality is exceptional. You drink anywhere from the tap. Clean, tasty water is quite a luxury to me now. I just returned from Iceland, which also has fantastic tasting tap water. I know NYC water is supposed to be clean but the taste is not great.

6-Do you believe in serendipidy, as in the case of the breakfast meeting with the music producer  you mentioned in the documentary?  Have you have any more breakfast meetings alike?

Yes, you can be so lucky with things like that. You might just randomly stumble into a situation and then of course, you have to deliver and be good at what you do but yes, that to me is what makes NYC so great. Those situations might change your life completely.

7-What type of music do you listen to when it’s not work related?

I love stuff that has chord changes so I enjoy hearing tracks by Ulfur Eldjarn, Delia Gonzalez, Ulrich Schnauss, Roedelius. More quiet things that are a bit experimental but not atonal. And i prefer listening on vinyl so when I stream a record a few times and I know this will stay with me for years to come, I will find it on Vinyl.

8-If there was one thing you could change in your workplace, space or personality, what would it be?.

I wish I could work faster and less detail oriented, haha. I hear all these damn imperfections and want to maybe have another go which I often do but it slows me down tremendously. One day i will get there.


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