Interview: Cosmo | HADRON LEPTON

Tell us about you and your fashion story.

Hello, my name is Cosmo I’m here at Chile’s Embassy in Paris presenting my jewelry collection from the brand HADRON LEPTUN this is a project I did in collaboration with my sister she’s a jewelry designer and my brother he’s a 3D sculptor and illustrator.  This is a project we began 2 years ago, its inspired by organic forms from nature such as bones, leaves, flowers but mainly bones.

How long have you lived in Paris?

I have been living here in Paris for the last 15 years.

Tell us what changes have you seen in the fashion world.

What we can see, is that we are living a period of great recycling.  In the sense that all different periods merge in one moment, in the wardrobe department, one can travel to the 80’s 90’s 20 or 30;s and all those styles can converge in the same room, in a party or anywhere, all those different styles in a contemporary setting.  I’m also seeing a lot in the fashion conscious movement, fashion is in a crisis and the conscious movement is taking on the contamination that is produced by the materials used, and the use of recycling.

What materials do you use for your collections?

I work with silver, we produce and manufacture in Chile, our workshop is in Chile.

How have Paris welcome you?

Very good, Paris is a great open door to the fashion world, they’re very open. This project it’s very primitive, very rustic.  The meaning behind the brand, the vision and the inspiration comes from the indigenous people in South America. The inspiration also comes from the shamanistic people that create objects for protection as talismans.  We in Chile have the mapuches, they use a lot of silver in the solar plexus to protect themselves.  We took that idea and incorporated to create large pieces of jewelry, heavy in silver. We continue developing the collection in accessories such as rings and bracelets.

Is the collection for men and women?

Yes, the collection is for both but we have more jewelry for women.

Where can we find the pieces?

You can find us in Instagram @hadronlepton, direct contact or go to our store and place an order.

How is it to be in Paris as an emerging designer?

It’s a great  opportunity to meet people, specially during Fashion Week, it’s an open hall of interesting people.  People are very welcoming, they’re very open and curios about our work in South America.

What is your challenge now?

The truth, I would like to maintain this artistic endeavor, with unique pieces almost like sculptures.  The business of fashion has been a little slow because if we decide to release a collection every six months, that implies a lot of changes.  We like to be pace ourselves and be at ease making something more honest and personal.  In the mean time we prefer to work with this two collections that we already created and develop more accessories such as earrings, bracelets, rings, etc.

How would you define your brand to someone that has never seen your work.

Our jewels are objects that protect, objects with strong vibes related to the talismans.  Objects derived from indigenous inspirations and keeping a very primitive identity.