In Transit: HAIZEN WANG AW17

I still remember the first time I went to a @Haizen Wang show.  It was a presentation at Somerset House in London.  It was one of my first shows to attend that season and my photographer was covering another show, so I had to improvise and take pictures.  I was looking through the lens and I kept thinking, Wow! those designs are awesome.  I remember that a few of the looks did not get a picture because I was so amazed that I forgot to press the button.  Oh well, I learned from that…

This collection seem to be a response to the growing immigration crisis across the world, the collection embodies the role of the transient.
The collection embodies the role of the transient.  Oversized patch pockets and raincoat materials reflect the need to defend from the elements.  Utility ideas continue to arise.

Color palette consisting of deep blues, red black ochre and khaki, warm and earth tones.

Devore techniques. key fabrics, double;e wools, etc, Deconstruction still present in his line.

Images provided courtesy of Designer’s PR.