In the Age of Fast Fashion

In the era of fast fashion when products get produced faster than they get sold. In the age of  Insta, everything goes. But how does the fast fashion cycle translates with designers and consumers.

For logistics reasons, the Spring/Summer season is shown in Fall and the Autumn/Winter season is shown in Winter.

The time between season collections was used to prepare the next cycle and sell the current inventory.  Now with pre-fall collections, Resort season and what not, the demand for a faster selling cycle and the constant output of fashion goods raises the question of when is too much supply and how fast can the items/garments be sold.

I believe that the influx of seasonal collections creates a conflict in the production line and the distribution path.  Many goods need to be sold fast, allowing space for new products to be introduced and sold at a profit not barely a margin.  When everyone wants a SALE, what does it take to make product cycles more productive and less of a burden to the enviroment.

May I remind you that for every item we buy,  many workers have put hours in making it.  We can all easily point the finger at the industry of fast fashion and the repercussions that it may bring to our generation. This raises the question about the lack of appreciation on the consumer side for the goods being produced and sold to us at a fast rate and cheaper price but with the implications that more goods mean more resources depletion.

What is the life-cycle of the goods we buy.  What happens when we buy something “relatively cheap” and it doesn’t last long.  Do we discard it, trash it and forget about it.  Do we mend things or just replace them.

Many times we just don’t think about it, we proceed to buy another good even before the first one “expires”, the impulse to buy is not necessarily stirred by “Need” or “Want” but by Advertisement in the sense of “SALE” or “OFFER”.    There is nothing wrong with buying, the economy of nations revolve around trade and the cycle of selling/buying.   The question I ask myself before I purchase something is Do I really want this, an am I in love with it, do I mind paying the full price?  if the answer to that is I really want it, I don’t mind paying the full price and yes, I will cherish the item.   Then I am guaranteed to buy and own a “precious” item of clothing that won’t seat in the back of my closet just because it was a bargain or a great sale item.

I can not tell anyone how to live their lives I can just do what is right for me.  You choose your path and travel the best way you find it convenient.