I’M AN IMMIGRANT: Lala Berlin AW 2017


The show ended with Leyla Piedayesh holding a sign declaring, “I’M AN IMMIGRANT”. Before I get into the political discussion of that, I want to rewind to the begin of the show. Oh, now that I think about it, you can’t even avoid politics when talking about this collection.

Lala Berlin AW17, image by Livingfash,Copenhagen Fashion week.
Lala Berlin

The collection was not only bold as in the colors and the word printed on fabric. Some of the text was reminiscent of what one would expect from a graphic tee, these made a statement of their own.  

CHANGE, REVOLUTION and THINK were the words printed across some of the garments. To be honest, I really did not notice the words. It flew by so fast.

The color combination in the collection had a striking earth tone hue to it, red, mustard yellow, black and grey. I love the looks with the trench, those looks were strong with a sexy silhouette.

The collection also embodied traditional look with out of the box thinking. Combination of minimalist look with romantic undertones, incorporating subtle fabric deconstruction of sleeves and unpredictable cuts in gowns.

Creating an elegant flow to the walk of the model down the catwalk. Now about that walk, the shoes, the shoes! Those were something you could not miss. They were laced up pointy ankle boots that flowed lovely with the overall look. These shoes have the boxers’ shoes feel to them, sporty.

The fabric selection works wonderfully with these designs. Knits, leather, floral voile and velvet with a dash of laces were some of the fabrics I spotted. I may be wrong on these selections but that is what they look like. I really think these fabric selections covers almost all the autumn-winter needs.

I think I’ve covered it all on the collection, now back to politics. I really, really did not expect things to be moving this fast with the new administration in the states. It’s almost like a wrecking crew is in town.

Raising awareness of the social issues today, the I am an immigrant: Lala Berlin A/W 2017 show at Copenhagen Fashion Week

Words and Text by Akin Abayomi
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