Frank Sorbier Haute Couture

Frank Sorbier presented his Summer 2015 Collection in Paris Haute Couture on schedule. Frank dedicated his collection to his loyal lovebird, Pirate who had passed away some months ago.  The collection was entitled “Un tenure shuffle d’éternité/ A tender breath of eternity”.

For a poet, dreamer and inquiring mind, Frank embodies the word “Artist” and it transforms it.  He considers himself a “couturier-supplier”, in the same form as the master craftsmen with whom he works.  He has undertaken the role of perpetuating Haute couture and it’s savior-faire.  For the devoted to exceptional craftsmanship of high fashion ‘Haute Couture’  is a passion that he makes his life a living example of it.  Humility and rigorous standards are the qualities that Frank Sorrier possesses abundantly.

He  presented the collection of feminine gowns that emerged from the mysterious smoke filled room. An enigmatic athmosphere captivated  the audience that admired the luxious dreamy creations by Frank Sorbier.  The fabrics draped the models walking the runway. The flowing and airy feel of the gowns allows the person wearing the special outfit to feel sensual and the center of attention.  The colors on this collection were bright in a very delicate palette.

The ensemble below presented us with a very original way of approaching a wedding.  Far from the conservative wedding gowns, we find the nuptial look to be energetic and romantic.  A poetic homage to a loyal friend.  A visual  journey  through the mind of  ‘The couturier’ , who dared “venture into haute couture” by transforming scraps of tulle, humble and precious fabrics into a new beginning.   The story of Frank Sorbier is a fascinating one.

image credit Piero Biasion

Summer 2015 Collection

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Images courtesy of designer’s press, image credit Piero Biasion- La Maison de Couture Sorbier