FAD 2013 Junior Awards


The Junior Awards conclude FAD’s Fashion Futuress programme of intensive practical fashion workshops. In 2013 almost one hundred 16-19 year olds took part on what turned out to be 20 finalists who were selected by an industry panel to take part in FAD’s summer school. The young and bright participants had just five days to create their collections to show at FAD Junior Awards.

FAD is an award winning charity which supports young people through innovative workshops, competitions and specialist careers advise. Their partnerships allow to bring out skills, insight and opportunities to 12-25 year olds from all walks of life. This great organization fills a gap between the talent and the knowledge, it helps connect those with potential with those partners in the community that can contribute wisedom.

We would like to thank the amazing guys and girls from TONI & GUY who did the hair for the show.

Also the Make-up by Lan Nguyen and team sponsred by The Body Shop.

Never to forget the nails, a very important part on the final look on the runway. Pebbles Aiken

What else can be said about the astonishing achivements by these set of young talent. The fact of the matter is that they only had five days to accomplish their goal, their design and collection. Many of us can hardly fanthom the idea of such a short deadline but not this selected group showed us that it can all be possible. Kudos and Congratulations to all, they are all winners in my eyes.

Click on images. All images brought to you via Livingfash by our phototeam.


F.A.D. 2013 Left to Right Designs by: Gloria Iyare, Rochelle Nicholas Bastien, Tihara Smith, Molly Camara amd Olivia Till



F.A.D. 2013, Left to Right Designs by: Sarah Simpson, Melissa Absalud Abdalla


F.A.D. 2013 Left to Right Designs by:Yosana De Ceita Rodrigues Leal, Nhung Le Thi Hong, Zahra Khatouli, Nell Downes.


F.A.D. 2013 Left to Right Designs by: Hannah Tasane, Naomi Brady, Migena kola and Rebecca George


F.A.D. 2013 Finalists Left to Right Designs by: Beau Scarlett-Pitt, Lily Southin, Claudia Teixeira Ferreira and Jayde Yankey.


Design Innovation Winner Naomi Brady.

Of course, there are always those that superceed all expectations and can not be ignored. This is the case of Naomi Brady from St Francis Xavier Sixth Form College who wins Design Innovation Award.


Cutting Pattern Award was given to Yosana de Ceita Rodriguez Leal from Winchmore School.


Research and Interpretation Award goes to Nell Downes from Prendergast Hillyfields College.

Winner of the FAD Awards was Beau Scarlett-Pitt from Langley Park School. Her original design consisted of an elegant printed body fitting dress with a high collar and feather embellishment complement. A very intrique design with a fabulous exectution. Well done, Beau Scrlett-Pitt. The world awaits your designs.



Our personal thanks to the great team that put together the FAD 2013 Junior Awards. They care so much for the up and coming talent that they are truly committed to support, promote and motivate the young generation to acquire the knowledge needed to succeed in this industry. Textiles and fashion can be a fuzzy interlude to someone’s dream but with the help of Fashion Futures sponsored by George and the wonderful people that make FAD a reality this dream can become true to some determined young designer.